Saturday, June 19, 2010

Rambling, Rambling, Rambling

I was just checking in on a few of my favorite bloggers and discovered a week of giveaways.

Semi-slackr's Vacation week of Giveaways

Go check out what Semi Slacker is up to while on vacay!!!

On a Whitehead note, Bailey is much much better.  She has a few back teeth coming in and that's making her a little ill.  Well, that and she's been at home for the past week.  I doubt she goes back to daycare next week either because we plan to head to Alabama sometime soon.  I'm just so ready to enjoy a little time with just me and my girl before school starts back up again.  Speaking of which, I haven't talked too much on here about school or work, but I will just say that things are on the up and up and God is good! 

Also on a Bailey note, we put up some blackout panels that we found that match our bedding and such perfectly.  Bailey slept until after 7 most mornings last week after we put them up, well Sid put them up.  But we were up moving around and so she would wake up. But this morning, let me tell you, she slept until 9:30, I was like WOW!!!  Praise the LORD!!!  Thank you sweet Jesus!!!  Sid says it's a fluke.  We were out late last night at Ben and Brady's birthday party and she did make it into the pool.  So she was up later than normal and she did wake up at 6 a.m., but I said to her "what are you doing."  She rattled off some jummbled up something and laid back down - until 9:30 this morning.  It was sooooo nice.  We'll see what she does tomorrow, except she can't sleep until 9:30 because we will be up getting ready for church. 

I've been on an ebay kick lately.  So far, so good.  I've made almost $150, but that includes shipping that we have paid out, so maybe about $100 so far.  I'm hoping that if I purge and sell some of Bailey's old things that she can't wear anymore, which really aren't old, they are really just outgrown, then we can either get an ipod touch or an ipad.  I'd love love love to have an ipad, but an ipod touch would do just fine.  Sid says we'll see.  So, we'll see!

Speaking of Sid, Happy Father's Day (which it will be by the time he reads this.)  I love you more everyday for making me a Mommy and for being the Daddy that you are.  This sweet little girl adores you, she is a spitting image of you and we love you so much.  We could never survive day to day without all you do for us.  We are so thankful that you are our's and we hope you have a wonderful day.

To my Dad, Happy Father's Day!  A girl could not have wished for and gotten a better Dad than I (we) did.  You have worked yourself to death (literally and nearly) to give us everything we wanted.  You have impacted my life in a way that words would never do it justice.  I love you very much and hope your day is wonderful.  I'm sorry we aren't there to celebrate on this exact day, but Bailey and I will be home soon enough.  I'll stop there, because there are no pictures so you probably clicked off a long time ago and aren't even reading this.

My sweet sweet Pappaw.  I've doted on you this month and you know without me going back into too much detail what you mean to me, how special you are to every part of my life.  No one thinks about me the way you do, the special things you always remember to do for me.  It's means the world and we love you so much!!!

Jerry - I couldn't ask for a better father in law.  I know he doesn't read here, or at least I don't think he does.  He barely knows how to use the cell phone.  But I do consider him my dad away from home and I'm blessed to have the father in law that I do (and mother in law).  I could call on them for anything and everything.   Jerry it thrills my heart to see you with Bailey, the girl of the group, when I know it's always been boys for you.  We love you!!

PS - To the mother's in my life, mother's day this year was not a good weekend for me for many reasons, so I didn't do a mother's day post, but that doesn't mean I don't love ya'll just the same.  I did start a post about me and Bailey for mother's day and then the day was sort of ruined so I just forgot about it.  But we love our Mom's just the same.  Just didn't want ya'll to feel left out.  I've already left out a birthday girl this month, who has a special post coming on just the right day, which just might be next week - hint hint!!!!!!  I've already got it planned sweet girl!

And a Happy Father's Day to all the other great Daddy's, grandfather's and father in laws out there!!!!

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