Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Moment of Silence For Cohen

A few months back I was directed to Megan and Brent's blog.  No, I do not know them in real life, but at the time, she was pregnant with their first baby, a boy, who had been diagnosed inutero with 4 different congential heart defects.  One CHD might have been manageable, but being faced with 4, the doctors were sort of in uncharted territories.  Cohen was born on June 7 and passed away June 18th.  I really haven't read any details of that, but there was a post from Megan's brother that was later removed that indicated Cohen had a tear in his trachea that could not be repaired.  Tomorrow, July 1st, they will have Baby Cohen's Memorial service and blogland has come up with this: 

One of Megan's blog friends, Adie from Almost Perfect, contacted me with the wonderful idea of asking for a day of silence from all of the people who have been following Cohen's Story. I was touched! She teamed up with Blue Eyed Bride and there you have it... Thank you ladies for this opportunity! I hope EVERYONE participates!


What: Moment of Silence for Cohen

When: Thursday July 1st from midnight to 11:59 pm.

How: Bloggers participating will post the Cohen banner (below) or simply post Cohen’s name in large letters on their blog.

Why: July 1st Megan and Brent will be holding Cohen’s memorial service. The moment of silence is an opportunity for Megan’s blog community to stand behind her and support her on this difficult day. Linking up will give Megan a chance to see the support at a glance.

*** The who, what, when, and why's were taken from Send Love To Cohen, where you can go back and link up if you are participating.  I've never participated in anything like this in blogland, but I did read and keep up with the Marshall's and Cohen's sweet life.*** 
Today my house was so quiet as Bailey went back to daycare for the first time in several weeks.  I texted Maggie at some point and told her I was bored and sad.  Why? she asked....I'm not sure I said....and I got in the shower.  While in the shower, it hit me, my house was still and quiet and I missed my baby girl.  I cannot imagine what these parents, or any parent for that matter, go through when they lose a child.  As my baby girl, with her own (appeared to be fixed) trachea problems, sleeps next to me tonight, I will be in prayer for this set of parents as they prepare to do the unimaginable.  But for the grace of God could go any of us!

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