Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thought This Day Would Never Come

On April 22, 2009, our world as we knew it shook.  And not a good shake. 

My sweet 4 month old went into respiratory distress.  Since I knew nothing about the sort, she had to go until the morning time to see the doctor.  Less than 24 hours later, she was admitted to the hospital.  For five very long days.  Those five days were way longer than the 11 days she spent in the  NICU just four months earlier.  Or so it seemed.  You can read about that day of admission HERE.  You can read about what we went through during that five day stay HERE.  On the day that we were discharged, which was April 29, 2009, (someday she'll appreciate these details) we were discharged and sent on our way to an ENT appointment in Jackson.  That's also in this post HERE.  (I did write a detailed post HERE of the daily happenings of that five day stay in the hospital if you are interested in reading.) 

The appointment in Jackson the day we were discharged lead us to the OR on May 8th, 2009.  You can read about the OR trip HERE.  The OR trip lead to the discovery that Bailey's airway was only functioning at about only 10%-30%, meaning her airway was VERY narrow, or restricted, and she would need surgery to keep from having distress. 

Her surgery was scheduled for the following Tuesday, May 12, 2009.  You can read about that day HERE.  Bailey stayed in the PICU from May 12th until Saturday May 16th.  On that Saturday, she was transferred to a room and stayed two more nights.  She was discharged on Monday, May 19th, and we made the trip home.  There are several other posts on the blog around that time if you'd like to look at them.  Mostly they just document pictures and her progress for the day. 

The discharge home on Monday lead us to an emergency surgery on Wednesday, May 21, 2009, when she went back into respiratory distress.  There was some tissue that was trying to heal in the airway, and was causing more blockage.  Thankfully, we only had to stay in the hospital for one night and were back at home for the second time on Thursday, May 22, 2009.  You can read about all that happening HERE.

Now, fast forward to January of 2010.  Bailey got tubes put in for recurrent ear infections and Dr. Carron, the ENT/surgeon, decided that while he had her in the OR, sedated, he'd take a look at her airway.  On Friday, January 22, 2010, Bailey got her tubes put in and we learned that her airway was working at about 75%, which was a huge growth from the surgery back in May. We were sooo glad. You can read all about that trip, and see such cuteness of the princess herself, HERE and HERE.  We left that appointment knowing that at some point in her life, her airway would have to be looked at again.  No exact plans, but jut knew it would sometime happen.

So, on Friday, February 18, 2011, 13 months since the last time her airway had been viewed, and 20 months since the original surgery in May of 2009, Bailey went back to the OR so her ears could be cleaned out, her airway could be assessed, and to have some blood drawn for allergy testing.  You can read all about that day HERE.  We learned that day that Bailey's airway was working at around 87%, which is considered normal and something that we consider a miracle.  I can never express in writing or words the feeling I had when Dr. Carron said he felt she had a normal airway and was well on her way to being discharged from his care.  A day we thought would never happen.  We left the hospital this day with an appointment to return to his office for a follow up from the OR visit and Dr. Carron felt that all of Bailey's respiratory troubles from the past year probably came from the fact that she has bad allergies/asthma and would need to see an allergist.  We already have a pulmunologist. 

So, on Wednesday, March 30, 2011, Sid took Bailey to see Dr. Carron in his office for the follow-up.  At this time, Bailey has been discharged from his care, almost 23 months to the date that she initially went into distress.  We knew that was coming but it felt so good to know that her troubles in that aspect are gone.  It feels so good to know that her airway is something that we only have to worry about in the normal way of worrying.  Not in a way of freaking out every time the weather changes or she coughs.  It was a horrible sight and feeling seeing that little chest sink in and her struggle with every breath.  But thank the Good Lord Above, she's healed and we are filled with joy.  Remember our Christmas cards, "He has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy."  Indeed my friends, indeeed!!!  Also, the other piece of good news is that Bailey has no allergies.  None.  So we didn't get a referral to the allergist and my mom can stop worrying about the dust in my house.  The only thing that we are worried about at this time is her asthma and I think I will follow up with that this summer with the pulmunologist.  We continue to do the breathing treatments every day and are hopeful this last round of pneumonia is the last round. 

We count every blessing.

In other news, we are almost to the 15 week mark with these twins.  And I can tell it. I 'm still in regular clothes, still not back to the weight I was the day I found out I was pregnant, but growing all the same.  The books say the babies are about the size of an apple.  I feel it.  I feel like I have two apples that want to fall out every time I stand up.  It's not a good feeling, but they adjust themselves and I'm fine.  I do think I've felt some movements here and there, but nothing huge.  I have been feeling ok with the nausea, but having some killer headaches late in the afternoon.  My energy level, which was up for the past month, has gone back down.  I do ok getting up and getting ready and getting to work, but by about 1:00, I need some rest.  By the time I get home at 4:30, since I didnt' get that rest, I'm in need of some major rest.  I haven't felt like doing much after that time and it makes me sort of depressed.  But I know they'll be no rest for weary when these peas are shelled from their pod.  So, I'm continuing to count every blessing, including the fact that my wonderful sweet husband cooks and washes clothes.  He's such a keeper!!  We have 7 weeks of school left, and I can do it.  I plan to send Bailey to daycare 1/2 days during the summer and pick her up at nap time.  That way, I can rest and she can get out of the house and play for a bit.  I might not send her everyday, but she's got to go some if I'm going to keep these babies in until late August and start back school in early August. 

Much Love, Barbie

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