Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Bedroom Fit For a Queen

Who wants to be the princess when you could be the #1 queen bee?  None one does!  And my Bailey is no different.  Bless her heart, she's never really had a room of her own before because she didn't have a fighting chance be my daughter and all, of going to her own bed to sleep.  So for 2 years, we have been piling stuff, stuff, and more stuff in her nursery.  2 years of clothes, toys, books, stuffed animals, baby dolls, ride on toys, her kitchen.  And for the past 4 months or so, we've been piling up the new babies' things on top of Bailey's.  Sooooo, the nursery was a mess.  We decided to make Bailey a "big girl room" in the other bedroom and leave the nursery the nursery for the twins. 

I started looking at fabrics and bedding for all 3 girls right after we found out they were girls.  I asked Mom's opinion on some things and that turned into her wanting to just do it.  Do it all.  If you know my mom well at all, you know that she is one crafty lady and can come up with just about anything totally off the top of her head.  She's been on a few trips since she offered up her help on the rooms/bedding stuff, but on Friday afternoon, she and dad rolled up in the driveway with a rented metro van full of stuff.  And boy did she have some plans for us!!

I so wish I had taken a before picture, but Dad and Sid got right to work taking things out and bringing things in, that I really didn't realize how fast they were moving.  You'll just have to take my words for it, but in the bedroom that was to become Bailey's bedroom, we had a bedroom suit that was dark, antique wood that belonged to my Mom's family.  We also had, in that room, piles and piles of mine and Sid's stuff from the past 2 years since we were busy piling kid stuff in Bailey's room.  The closet was filled to the brim of Sid's hunting stuff and his gun safe and old clothes of ours.  Sid had already worked on getting all of that stuffed moved out and put into it's new home.  So, as Dad and Sid took the bedroom suit out and secured it in the van, I got busy cleaning out some old papers and books, and Mom got busy organizing all the stuff she brought to put together a room fit for a queen.

I laid down sometime around 2, because you know, I have a good excuse to do so.  I thought Bailey was going to come nap with me, but I fell asleep waiting on her and by the time I woke up, it was a whole new world in that room.

If you saw this room before, you will not believe your eyes. I know I cry over everything lately, but I couldn't control the emotions when I woke up from my nap and saw this. Sid and I got several of these pieces at second hand shop, Sid found the toy storage bins at Dirt Cheap last week (SCORE), and this bed...oh this bed!  I slept in this bed when I was a young girl and loved it then, but I especially love it now.  This bed belongs to my mom's grandmother or great grandmother, not really sure, and they had it re-painted by one of Dad's clients so it was professionally done.  When Mom told me we could use this bed, I knew we were in for a treat!!!

So, without further ado, here's Bailey's new room!

This is the view coming in from the door.  Those aren't the permanent curtains.  Mom is still doing some sewing on them but they are going to be sooo cute!

This is looking from the opposite corner of the room, and you can see her toys from this angle. I was so proud to finally have her toys out of a laundry basket and her books put where she could get to them easily.

More of a close up of the toy area, where she now has room to spread out and play.  I loved the wall decal. The little table beside her bed was one of her second hand finds and was a spotted ugly green color.  Sid repainted it white and Mom is going to do some more work to it painting/design wise.

This piece of furniture was our other second hand find.  I saw it out one day at the store we bought it from and thought it was a little pricey, but now that it's in place, I couldn't be more happier with it.  It's an wardrobe and has the doors on the hinges that fold all the way back. It's cut out inside for a TV, but bought it with the intentions of either adding more shelves or adding rods and using it for either clothes or toys.  Mom still has some painting to do to this, too. 

And here's an inside view.  I'm sure that those large toys won't always stay in there.  She needs some more shelves, but for now, it's just perfect.
  Close up of her bedding with little princess fairies on it and the bed skirt.  Is that bed skirt not just darling.  It's a tutu bed skirt from pottery barn kids.  Who knew they made such???

 While I was taking pictures, Bailey had to get in on the action.  She already had her night shirt on because she had just had a big spit up episode.  She saw her toy computer and said, "Oh, I need to look at something on my computer."  And went to town with it!! Perfection!!!

Can you see those puppy dog eyes?  She made every move her daddy, Mimi, and Poppy T made today.  And before the day was over, we had more visitors, Aunt Maggie and Uncle Bo surprised us.  Plus she had no nap!  So she's had a full day!

 Here she is playing from the other side of the room.

And the weary warriors!! Sid and Dad.  They did everything Mom told them to do today and did it just right!!  Sid and I could not have gotten done what Sid, Dad and Mom got done today.

Maggie and Bailey.

Mom and Dad!!!  Mom worked her tail off from about 9 this morning until Dad finally had to make her stop about 7:30 tonight.  They are staying at a hotel because they knew this room would be all out of sorts.  I don't think they thought we'd get this far today.  But I can tell you again, Sid and I are just as pleased and happy as can be.  It feels good to know that we are halfway to having this house ready for our two new additions.  This has really taken a load off of my mind and Sid's, I know.

One last final look until the curtains get done.  That painting on the far corner was actually painted by a local artist and we plan to have Elissa and Ellie one done, too.  It has Bailey's name on it and was painted to match her crib bedding.  It matched it perfectly, but now matches her new big girl room stuff, too!  We all had name pictures growing up so for some reason it's important to me for mine to have one, too.  As a matter of fact, I still have mine here at the house and Mom tried to hang it up again today. 

After Mom and Dad left to go back to the hotel, the rest of us loaded up in the sister ride for ice cream and a ride around the fair grounds.  By the time we got back, Bailey was asleep and wanted in her new bed.  Aunt Maggie offered to lay down and read to her, so when I started this post, I was hopeful she might actually sleep in there tonight.  At the close of this post, she is not!! She is on her pillow, right between her Daddy and me, but that's ok.  She has her own room now and she's proud of it.  When these babies get here, she has a place that is all her own and with her own stuff in.  We are hopeful that as time goes on, she will start to sleep in her own bed.  This is a grainy iphone pic of her and Maggie reading books.  Like I said, it didn't last.

Tomorrow brings another big day.  We have lots of stuff that we cleaned out from that room still piled in the den and kitchen. so that has to be cleared. Plus, we have the nursery now to really focus on.  Bailey's baby bed stayed in that room, but Mom and Dad also brought the baby bed from Chris's house that was Andrew's.  We don't have quit as much work to do in that room as we did in Bailey's, but still work just the same. I am hopeful that when Mom and Dad leave Monday morning that we will have both rooms completed, other than Mom didn't bring the baby bedding this trip.  But that's ok.  We have plenty of things we can do on our own to finish getting the nursery ready before Mom comes back with the bedding.

Mom and Dad, thank you so much for what you have done to help us prepare this house for Elissa and Ellie to live here.  There is no way Sid and I, or Sid I guess, could have gotten this done without your help.  And Mom, the bedding, the decor, it's perfect and Bailey will enjoy it and be proud of it for years to come, I'm sure. I"m sure proud of it and now, instead of dreading the arrival of two more living human beings that will need to live at this house, I can sort of breathe.  When we get Elissa and Ellie's room, I will be able to totally breath.  But we love ya'll and a thank you and you are worthy of so much more than a thank you on this blog.

Sid, thank you so much for being the Daddy that you are to these girls and for taking the time needed to get the job done. I know there were other things going on today that could have taken up your time and attention and but you chose to spend it on your girls.  We love you for that.

I found a few treasures as I was cleaning out some stuff today and it, of course, brought me to tears, to look back on the time that Sid and I met and when we dated and then got married.  How far we've come from those late night phone conversations.  It's over-whelming for me to think that we are about to be Mom and Dad to three little girls.  But that's another story for another day.  I was just humbled today as I was softly reminded of how much I am loved and cared for, and my whole family is loved and cared for. 

If you don't this little girl we already have doesn't have some people in her life that love her, well then you and I aren't looking at the same room fit for a Queen!!!!

Oh and PS:  Me, Dad and Mom have been hooked on the Casey Anthony trial.  Court will be on first thing as it's closing arguments day. I'm excited to have mom and dad here to watch that with instead of talking with them on the phone about it!  Have ya'll been watching that??

Much Love, Barbie

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