Friday, August 26, 2011

2 Weeks Old & We Are Home

Elissa and Ellie were born on Friday, August 12, 2011, at 1:23 pm and 1:24 pm.  Elissa weighed 5.2 and is Baby A.  Ellie weighed 4.6 and is Baby B.  Today, we arrived rounded the corner to our street at just a few minutes past their birth time, at two weeks old, with Elissa weighing 5.5 and Ellie weighing 4.5 and a half.  Bless her little heart, they give her every gram they can.  It was a quite ride home.  I closed my eyes before we ever got out of Flowood and opened them just as we were passing in casino.  Literally, in the blink of an eye, we were home with 2 babies.  I still cannot believe it.

We've had an adjustment already that I wasn't quite prepared for.  We've told Bailey for 33 weeks that these were "her" babies and she literally thinks that.  I'm glad she loves them but she does not like for us to touch them or have anything to do with them.  She wants to be the one to do and take care of them.  With a little bit of training, she will be able to be a BIG help. 

It's almost 10:00 pm.  I'm blogging because they eat again at 11 and Sid and Bailey are sound asleep.  It's nice to be under one roof and not have to miss anybody tonight.  The only thing I think I'll miss for awhile is sleep.  While I had time, I thought I'd go ahead and get the pictures from today on here and let everyone know we are home and doing great.  The only thing I didn't get a picture of today were our pink, pink, and more pink balloons that awaited us on the outside of the house when we got home.  Made me cry!  I'll get a picture of those tomorrow.

These pictures were taking with the iphone before we left the NICU.  Not the best quality. 

Ellie, ready to go!

Elissa, ready to go!

EVERYBODY ready to go!!!!!!!

I tried to take a picture of them in their dresses, but this is the best I could get in the NICU with a phone camera.  Ellie, dressed and just waiting!

Elissa, dressed and just waiting.

And then we got home!!!!
(This is an iphone pic, too.)  They haven't spent much time together and I know they have to have missed each other. 

The first thing we did was take them to one of their beds.  We are going to let them sleep together for a while if they appear to want to.  So far, they do.  I had them on their backs and they kept rolling over so this was the best I could do.

After they woke up, we came out into the den and waited on big sister to get home.  I thought it was sooo sweet that Ellie decided to suck on the Elissa head.  Elissa didn't seem to mind. 

AHHHH! Such sweetness.  All those little legs, feet, 20 toes, we have sono pictures of.  There they are, for real and alive and well, in my house!!  This is what their feet were doing while Ellie was sucking on Elissa head.  I do believe they have missed each other!

Elissa back in her own space.

Ellie in her own space.  (These were after Bailey got home because she got out that pink "baby" paci and put it beside her head.)


And then sister got home!!!!!!

This one was taken a while after she got home, close to bed time. But she took up with Ellie and I think that's so funny since Ellie is her mini-me.  (Yes, that's a paci in my first-born's mouth.  Some habits die hard and that's been the hardest to die for her.)

This was her first time to hold Ellie.  (I really don't have any of her and Elissa because once she got her hands on Ellie, that was it.  That was HER baby.)

Then she wanted to lay on the bobby with her.

And at bed time, which they are all in their own beds now, but right before bed time, this was the scene at our house.  All 3 girls, they are all 3 our's and healthy and we are sooo very thankful.  I cannot believe there is room my heart for all the love I feel when I look at this picture of all 3 girls.  We are sooo blessed!

Sid and I, again, cannot begin to tell everyone how thankful we are for the thoughts, prayers, calls,texts, facebook messages, visits to the hospital, help with Bailey, etc.  It was a long 2 weeks, but we made it and are praising our sweet Jesus for the safety and health of our entire family not only these past 2 weeks, but the entire pregnancy.  When the doctor told me it was time on Aug. 12th, I had a breakdown.  It was too early and all I could see was a 7 week stay in the NICU.  But the nurses and doctors we had not only cared about the well being of our babies, but us too, and we made it.  These babies came so far in 2 short weeks and without the nurses who provided such great care to them, it wouldn't have happened.  There shouldn't be anymore babies born at this Whitehead household, but if I had to make the decision all over again, I would still choose to be where we were, in that hospital, in that NICU.  I cannot speak highly enough of them.  And we are so very thankful for them, too!

Nene and Jerry came tonight and brought supper and spent some time with us.  My mom and dad will be here tomorrow.  And that's all for tonight, I hear a baby calling.

Goodnight from the Whitehead household!!!!


Heather said...

So glad that you all are home safely! They are so cute!

iheartwinningcontests said...

They are beautiful, Barbie!!! I'm so glad that they are finally home and doing so well. Hope to see you soon! Love, Aunt Marianne