Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday's Good News

I still have to go back and bring you all up to speed as to how we actually got to the point that I'm writing about 2 babies in the NICU.  But that will have to wait. 

I was discharged today and we are staying at a hotel close to the hospital.  We have had a great day and the girls have had even a better day. 

Let's start with Ellie, my little fiesty one as her nurse calls her.  She is off all oxygen, no iv's, no medical intervention what so ever the way I understand it.  BUT, she is not taking a bottle yet, so being fed by a tube through her nose.  She is eating alot and tolerating so that is good.  Just needs to learn to suck and regulate her body temp.  She was moved from a bed that is heated and open so her care givers can get to her easily to an isolette.  The isolette means that she does not need as much attention as she has needed since Friday. 

Elissa, she loves to snuggle with her daddy.  She has the same status as Ellie except that she does still have some low flow oxygen in a smaller nasal tube than what she did have.  She, too, needs to learn to take a bottle, regulate her body temp, and get off the oxygen. 
Sid and I got to hold both girls for 2 hours each today.  It was just as much for us as it was for them and we so enjoyed it.  Because they moved down to an isolette, we were able to put clothes on them.  They are doing soooo good for their age and we feel like they are making progress every second of the day. 

We've had a long day and did not get back here from the NICU until after 10.  So, I'll leave you with a few pics I took tonight around 9:45.

This is Elissa, ready for bed after snuggling with her daddy for 2 hours tonight.

And our little Ellie Jane, after snuggling with her Mama for 2 hours tonight. 

iphone pics, not the best in the world. Maybe I can get some better pictures with the big camera.

We sooooooooooooo appreciate all the love and prayers that have come our way. We feel them, they are working, and we ask that you continue.  We know that with HIS hands around us, no matter how difficult this season is, we will make it through and we are so very blessed. 

I hope to update more of what what took place Friday, Saturday and Sunday tomorrow.  Until then, much love!

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AbbyS. said...

ahhhhhhhhhhhh!! They are adorable. Thinking about you during this time. I had NO idea they were here already.