Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hump Day in the NICU

WElllll, the flood gates have opened again.  Sid went home to be with Bailey and try to work and little and Mom is flying in until Saturday.  Saturday just seems like such a long time away.  The time flew by this summer and all of the sudden, BAM, here we are with 2 babies. 

Not much different news this morning.  Both are still off oxygen, so hopefully that is a thing of the past.  Both are trying really really hard to take bottles.  They are still in a bed that helps them regulate their temp.  The only new news is that Elissa had 4 apena spells between the time we saw her last night at 10 and 10 this morning.  That means that her brain forgets to tell her to breathe for 20 seconds or longer.  Clearly that is not a good thing and something that will have to be long gone before she can come home. 

We took the big camera in and finally got some pretty good pictures.  The nurse we had from the weekend was back an she actually took some of these for us!


Elissa, just smiling at whoever I guess, because I was in the waiting room when this was taken.

Sid with both babies, Elissa on left, Ellie on right.  Ellie is just such a tiny thing it's hard to get her in a good position and keep her there.  Clearly, they are not identical.

Elissa looking around from Sid's lap.  I think she must have been  looking for me! haha!  Soo alert!

Ellie, this was a close up of the picture where she was so far down.

They get a little too comfortable in those hosptial chairs!

Elissa saced out after I gave her a bottle and changed 2 dirty diaper.

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Taylor said...

My family went through this so I know how draining it can be! My mother had my brother (when I was 17) 10 weeks early and we spent 2 months in the NICU - mainly my parents as I was starting my senior year in high school. The set visitation times, beeping of the machine and being away from family can be very disheartening. Just know your babies are in good hands... the people who work in the NICU are special people! Beau came home on his original due date with machines and that was hard too. However, he is a healthy 9 in 8 days) boy. He didn't have major problems from being preemie and has the height of most 12 year olds... tremendous athlete in my opinion too ;) I try to share with others who are dealing with the NICU because it can be very rough in the beginning, but over time it will get better! Thinking of you!