Sunday, August 28, 2011

We're Here and Doing Ok

The past 48 hours since coming home have been a whirl-wind.  Just alot to adjust to.  I feel like I the babies do pretty good at night.  I'm getting up with them by myself, for the most part, but I feel like I'm losing a lot of sleep.  The babies do pretty good. They eat, burp, get changed, and go back to sleep -both of them- in about 45 minutes.  It takes me another 45 mins to go back to sleep though and there lies the problem.  This morning, at 7, I was thankful that I could send both babies to Mom and Dad's set-up (the motor home) out back and go back to sleep until 10.  Both babies got a bath this morning. 

Mammie got to come visit yeterday morning for a little bit.

Both babies were laid out with Mammie.

Bailey's had a hard time realizing these aren't HER babies and that she might need a little help with carrying them around and feeding them and changing their diaper.  Amy sensed the tension in my text message yesterday and showed up to get her to go the arena.  I really hate it that I missed her first time on a horse because the child lives for horses, but I know she throughly enjoyed herself.  Sometime during the eveing, I recieved these pictures from her.

Bailey and Calissa.

And finally, Bailey and the baby she has claimed.  No babies were harmed in the capturing of these pictures.

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