Sunday, August 14, 2011

Alot of Catching Up To Do

I guess I kept telling myself I needed to blog and it appears I never got around to it because here it is the 14th day of August and I log on and see that it's been over 10 days.  I'll probably do this in 2 posts so it will be easier for me to find when I want to look back.  This is, after all, my scrapbook.

So over the weekend last weekend I developed terrible restless legs and arms.   On Monday morning I called the doctor, not because  I thought that he could fix it, but because I wanted to know if there was anything I could do for it.  I had a regularly scheduled appointment for Tuesday, that next day.  The nurse decided it would be best for me to come on in a day early.  Soooo, off to Jackson we go, Nene and I, to see the doctor over what I thought was for restless legs.  Turns out, there were some other things that worried him, such as some swelling and the fact that my belly was measuring something like 47 weeks.   WOW!!!!! That's a big belly.  I don't remember exactly what each baby weighed that day, but each was right at 5 pounds.  The doctor gave me some medicine to try and help relax me and those restless legs and suggested that I come back on Friday, August 12th, just to check in before the weekend. 

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday ticked off the clock!  The restless legs and arms got worse instead of better no matter what I tried to do and my breathing was labored because both babies were head up and in my lung space. 

Thursday night, we decided to go to the Chicago concert for 4 reasons. 
#1  The doctor had not really restricted activities as long as I was lying on my side as I should be at the right times.
#2  The tickets were free.
#3  I mean, it's Chicago, they are a legend.  They were playing 10 mins from my house.  I WANTED to see them.
#4 I literally walked 20 steps from the valet to our seats and back so not alot of physically movement.
I'll write more on this experience later.

On Friday morning, Sid and I headed to Jackson to the doctor's appointment.  We did the biophysical profile.  Both babies looked good.  We went up to see the doctor and were told he was in surgery and it would be about an hour.  We decided to go to Babies R Us across the road.  I remember thinking I was going to pass out, I just had so much pressure and my back was killing me plus I was short of breath. 

I'm going to stop here for now because I'm about to fall asleep and want to do this next part justice.  But for those of you who haven't seen pictures, here are a few to show you how our day ended.

Baby A:  Elissa Marie 5lbs 2ozs
Baby B:  Ellie Jane 4lbs 6 ozs
Maybe you can get that picture to expand on your computer but that's all I could do with an iphone picture.

Ellie on Saturday morning when I finally got to see her.

Elissa on Saturday morning when I finally got to see her.

***This is a Sunday night update:  Elissa is on 2 liters of nasal cannula oxygen at 25% air.  Ellie is on  4 liters of high flow nasal cannula oxygen at room air.  Both babies are being fed by a tube down their nose just to save on energy and help them rest.  We are able to do Kangaroo Care two times a day for an hour each with each baby.  All in all, for their gestation age, these babies are doing fantastic.  Sid is holding up pretty good.  I have been a tad emotional because I just gave birth to 2 babies.  Plus I miss my Bailey and worry about what she thinks about all of this.  We appreciate your prayers, calls, texts, facebook messages, visits, etc. I expect to be discharged tomorrow but we'll have a plan on us staying in town to be with the babies.  We know that we are in HIS hands,all of us!  I'll finish with the updates tomorrow!

Much Love, Barbie, Sid, Bailey, Elissa, and Ellie Jane

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What beautiful blessings. Congratulations!