Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Elissa and Ellie Make Great Gains

There isn't much to report from today as far as major news goes.  Great things happened and we made strides, but it is pretty simple from here on out. 

Elissa came off her oxygen for good around 3 this afternoon.  So, now both girls are only on a feeding tube that is down their nose.  The goal from here on out is to eat, eat, eat, grow, grow, grow, and hold their body temp.  They started taking some feeds by bottle today.  Elissa even nursed a little, if you want to call it that. 

We saw the girls this morning for about 2 hours and tonight for about an hour.  Nene and Jerry came in to bring us some things we needed, but mostly we needed hugs and kisses from our sweet Bailey and we sure did get that.  She took the babies a blanket from their beds at home and gave them love pats.  The nurse gave her a diaper from each girl for her baby dolls at home and a bottle.  She was in heaven!!!  It was a great visit and I am so appreciative that they brought her to see us.

Here are some iphone pics from today. 

This was tonight and I guess Elissa and Daddy thought they were at home in the recliner.

Elissa holding Daddy's hand, snug as a bug in a rug!

This was Ellie after she snuggled with Daddy this morning and got back in her bed.  She was out and never moved after being with him for about 2 hours.

Ellie tonight when I had her.  This is the best I could get trying to hold her and take a pic, too.  She never woke up the entire time we were there tonight. 

These have to be the cutest pictures I've ever seen.  I held Elissa this morning when we went in and she acted like she wanted to nurse so we tried.  I wouldn't call it nursing but she was wide awake most of the time.  When I put her back in her bed, she just looked and looked at me.  Is this not the sweetest face you've ever seen????

That's all for today.  We continue to want and seek your prayers.  HIS hands, we are in them, and they are so healing.

Much love, Barbie, Sid, Bailey, Elissa and Ellie Jane

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MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

Oh, Barbie! Those last two pictures are the sweetest! And so glad Bailey had such a good visit. :)

Hang in there, Friend...thinking of you all!