Sunday, August 21, 2011

Another Weekend In The Books

I was type type typing away and it disappeared. I don't feel like going back and retyping. 

Hopefully by next weekend, I'll be writing to you from home!

So, I"ll tell you this:
1.  Mimi went home Saturday afternoon.
2.  Nene and Bailey came to town and stayed with me.
3.  I loved loved loved getting to see my sweet baby for a bit.
4. I wondered several times during her visit how in the world this was going to work when we got home.
5.  My answer is "I HAVE NO FREAKING CLUE!!!!"
6.  Nene and Bailey left this afternoon to go home, but Aunt Amy came and had a good visit with the babies.
7.  Sid is back with me for a few days.  We had a good visit with the girls tonight.

And in baby news:
1.  Elissa  and Ellie are both off the feeding tube and taking all bottles every 3 hours.
2.  They take about 2 ounces each.
3.  Both girls had lost down sort of well below their birth weight, but I was told today that Ellie had to be 4 lbs before she could come home.
4. Ellie weighed in at 4 lbs tonight!!!!!!!  Now we must keep her there.
5.  The doctor that has been on for the past 7 days went off rotation today and will not be back until next
Monday.  She says she doesn't think she'll see us.  We love her, but we'll be so glad if we don't see her.
6.  Elissa has weighed the same thing for the 3rd night in a row, which is ok. She's right at 5lbs and holding there, so that's good.

And in honor of Sid being back after being gone for 4 or 5 days, here's a picture of him and our little 4lb peanut. I told him she was so balled up and comfy, she looked like a growth on him. 

Sweet Sweet Girls!!!  They  have my heart already!!!

I can't stand these iphone pics and how they load to the blog sometimes.  I hope I get good camera pics tomorrow since today was the first day we say them with nothing taped/stuck to their face.

Thanks for all the prayers, well wishes, texts, facebook comments, etc.  Keep them coming because slowly but surely, we are getting there!!!!!

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