Saturday, July 3, 2010

I Just Cannot Believe It

Is already July!  First of all the past TWO years, let alone this last year, has just flown by.  Two years ago I was pregnant with Bailey and at the beach with Sid, Maggie and Bo.  Last year I'm not exactly sure what we were doing. Ha!  But this year, it's been slam packed full of stuff.  Unfortunatly, I didn't bring the camera when it all started on Friday, but I did get some phone pics that will have to do.  So, let's get this party started shall we?

Friday, we left about lunch and went to Sid's grandmother's in Jackson for this thing called The Balloon Glow.  It wasn't until we were actually there and half way through before I learned two things about the event.  Number 1 - It was called the Balloon Glow and not the Balloon Blow, of which I'd been referencing it.  And secondly, Tracey Lawerence was there to sing.  Who knew?  Anyway, it was this festival thing where there was hot air balloons, music, food, heat, activities for kids, more heat, and of course more food.  It was at the mall up close to Mammaw's house and we went with her and Sid's cousin and her boys.  We took several coolers, chairs, the wagon, four large pizzas and this little jewl:

Don't laugh!  You know you'd want one, too.

So, the purpose of this thing was for these hot air balloons to set up and then when it got dark, the fired under them and they glowed, showing their pretty colors.  Again, phone pictures, but they are good.  There were about 10 balloons that I could count and it was really cool!

On this last picuture, before Tracy Lawerence came on, the announcer counted to three and the fire blew and this is what we saw.

And of course, no night would be complete without a picture of my sweet hearts!

We didn't get home until about 11, we were worn out and sleepy, and slept til 9 this morning.  After some breakfast, we decided to hit the pool.  No pictures from that because sadly, I remembered the camera and then remember the batteries were dead.  But let me assure you, Bailey was the CUTEST thing in her swimsuit with the tutu like thing on it that Ms. Pam got her.  It was the first time for her to wear it and it was so cute.  Bailey did so good swimming.  If she could just figure out how to kick her legs and arms.  She can hold her breath and loves to go under and float but she just won't kick.

After a looonnnggg nap, one in which Daddy has a lapse in judgement and woke us up, we got ready and went to the fair cabin for the first time this summer.  It will be the first of many trips this summer.  But Bailey is just into everything.  She loved every minute of it.

First, there was Uncle Ben's jeep with no sides on it, so she could just climb right in.  (And I caught a tired face!)

And then there was a jeep ride all over the fair grounds, not once, but twice.  So nice!  Probably my most favorite thing to do.  And you can't do it when the fair actually starts, so it's cool to be able to do it now. 

(Don't worry Mimi and Poppy T, we may (or may not have) really gone for a ride!!

Then there was visiting with Mami.

And of course sweet Mason!

And I'll let this last set speak for itself.  Just pretend there is some music!!!!

Tomorrow, the acutal 4th, we are going to Mami's for lunch and then back swimming.  I'll be sure and get some pictures of that cute bathing suit!

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Freddie B. said...

It seems like you have a lovely family and you all have fun together. Other than it being HOT It looked like a pretty cool day. Thanks a lot for the insight into your life.