Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Belated 4th of July!!!

Our madness did not stop until we dropped last night.  Bailey was out for the night by 6, I was out for the night by 7 and Sid was out for the night sometime before dark but I don't know what time.  I just felt him come to bed.  Here's one thing I did get to before I dropped!!!

It's so hard to get the little angel to stay still.  Not to mention on the first go, I forgot there was no memory card in. 

And even further evidence that my baby girl is growing up....

Do you know what that is??? Why, it's an empty bottle rack, that's what!!!!  And that's right folks.  Bailey gave up her daytime bottles right at 12 months, but just was not ready to part with the beloved night time bottle.  Well, it's offical.  Even after several "are you sure's", she's given it up, all by herself, at 18 months and a few days old.  I just packed them up for good this morning.  The only problem as far as I can tell is that it was the only time of the day she drank milk.  But she does get enough fat in her diet from other things, so I think we are good. 

Next up, the ever more beloved pass-a, aka paci!!! 

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Stuart and Sarah Creamer said...

Thank you so much for the sweet blog comment about Ayla! We are so proud of her and we think she's the prettiest newborn we've ever seen! I'm a little biased! Thanks again!