Friday, July 9, 2010

You TT'd Where?

In the potty!!!!!  I don't have any pictures, I will try to get some tomorrow, but Bailey and I made a little trip to the Wal-Mart this morning for two purchases.  One, to get a life jacket for her.  And two, to get a potty chair ( I hate that word by the way) because she used one at Mom's a few weeks ago so I thought we'd introduce here at home to just get used to it having it around.  We got home around 1 after eating lunch with Nene, Kyile and Mason.  Bailey took a long nap, like over 3 hours, and when she woke up we got it out of the box.  She sat on it and immediatly tt'd.  I was so excited.  Later, Sid took us out for supper and when we got hom I stripped her down and told her to get on her potty.  She tt'd again, immediatly!!!  Again, I was so excited.  Two things, she tries to drag it around the house and she is still in a diaper, obviously, so she can't just go herself.  I'm not really sure what age you start to push potty training, but I'm thinking it's just a bit early to go at it full blast.  I guess next maybe Sunday afternoon, when we'll be home all afternoon with not much to do, I'll let her go around naked for a few hours and see if she goes to it when she needs to go or if we have many accidents. 

I was just super excited because I really didn't think she'd know exactly what to do, but she did.  I have been sitting her on the big potty right before bath at night and she's never tt'd, but then again, I couldn't either with somebody hanging my body over a big ole hole.  But she would push and push and usually let out a poot, she was pushing so hard.  So I knew she knew what the purpose was.  And she proved that today. 

I will get some pictures soon, but just wanted to "document" the day!!!

Back to the lunch outing we had today- she was horrible.  So bad I had to get super ugly with her, which I have never done out in public, or at home for that matter.  But she was out of control.  I'm not sure what the problem was, other than when we got home she took that HUGE nap, so she must have been exceptionally tired.  She was a little better at supper, but not much, so maybe that wasn't it.

Tomorrow, we are going to the river, whatever that is around here.  And taking the jet ski.  Some of Sid's dad's family is already there with their campers.  And from what I hear there should be a boat, too, but we'll see what the day brings.  Not really looking forward to chasing an 18 month old around a river all day while her daddy scoots around on the jet ski.  Although we did get her a life jacket today for the boat, and MAYBE the jet ski.  We'll see about that one!  At least she's going in style.  While we are at the Wal-Mart today, they had their OP cover-ups on sale for $5 and I got her some little plastic like sandals that match that she can get wet or dirty and it won't matter because they were only $2. 

Hope ya'll have a great weekend!

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