Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Neshoba County Fair Kicks Off

Once again I'm without sleep and it's 1 a.m.  But I wanted to share some pictures from tonight.  My mom and dad and sister and brother and law are here.  Unfortunatlty, for many reasons, this fair could be a better one of me, but in the scheme of things it could be worse too.  I'm making the best of it, but here's some friends and family we've fellowshiped with so far.

Sunset Strip:  It's where our fun begins and ends!

A few daddy's!

One of the fry queens - the chef we couldn't live without during fair week!

And when it's all said and done she looks pretty relaxed.

I'm not sure who this crazy man is:

But thinkthis crazy woman claims him:

At least between the two of them, they do have some pretty children (one is not pictured):

Sweet Mason!


Without further ado, Maggie and Bo made their way into town just in time for some great food and fun!

Ben, Kylie, Mason and Brady.  A rare treat at the fair to see Brady's smiling face!

A little playing in the rain!

A little ice eating!

Well, maybe she played in the rain and ate some ice!!!

What's the fair without homemade ice cream, which is right up Dad's alley!

And finally the view of the front porch on this wonderful Saturday night!!!

Somewhere along the way, this picture got out of place and cut Kylie out.  So here it is again with her in it!  Sorry Kylie!

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