Friday, July 30, 2010

The Neshoba County Fair Family Pictures

Well, I have lots and lots of pictures from fair week.  So, I have to start somewhere.  I decided I'd start with  a few pictures of me, Sid and Bailey.  And add in a few of the our little monster that the Midway created.  If you aren't familiar with Mississippi's Giant House Party you should do a little reading.  Anyway, here we go!

This is jut how hot it is after you've been out and about!!! 

Right after bath, just before we were walking out the fair cabin door, way past bedtime, and someone needs a haircut! ha!

It must have been stripe day!

Still lookin' a hot mess!

Do you see "the look" from both of them???

Wish these weren't so blurry but couldn't help including them...too sweet!!!

Are you getting the "feel" for how hot it is?  And this was at night time, it's just a sauna at the fair!

And now for the Midway Monster...

You don't see the monster in that grin?

Still don't see it?

How about now that the ride is over and we had to get off???

Oh carousal, how do I love thee???

Like I said, I have tons more to put up and I'll try to get to that sometime between now and Monday morning.  As I type, Bailey has ridden her last fair ride of 2010 and is on the way home, asleep in her dad's truck.  She slept until 9:30 this morning, if that's any indication as to how worn out the little girl has been this week. 

I have an upcoming review and giveaway next week that you won't want to miss.  So stay tuned for that, too!  All you lurkers who don't comment, get to figuring out how, becuase if you don't leave a comment, you miss the opportunity to win the prize.  Be on the lookout!

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Amanda said...

I'm over from Jenna's! Your little girl is so cute! And I love all things fair related! So much fun.