Monday, March 21, 2011

The Blog That Almost Wasn't

So, I have been trying to get this blog updated for well over a week now.  And every time I sit down, either life (Bailey) happens, or I hit some random button and all that I've typed disappears.  Really, I'd like to say we've been sooo busy that I just haven't had time.  Although that isn't the case, we have had some things going on around here that might not be to blog-worthy for you, but I'd like to remember them. 

First of all, Spring Break was last week.  We went back to work today, after being off a total of two weekends and one full school week - 9 days total!  The day has actually been pretty productive and we celebrated by having an early supper at Huddle House.  Can you say Yum, Yum!!  I was craving a waffle from there and it's not really something you can make at home and it be the same.  After we got home, Bailey had the mother of all meltdowns and screamed the entire time she was getting a bath. I don't mean just a cry, I mean a NOOOOOOO!  the entire time like I was hurting or something.  I never even spanked her except one pop when she threw the ipod.  She was just terribly unhappy.  And what did I do??? My mind starting racing to this times 3.  Needless to say, I took my contacts on and retired myself to the bed. 

Anyway, Spring Break, last week.  We went to Mom's on Saturday and Sid left to come back Sunday because he had to work. Saturday night, we went out to eat with Mom, Dad, Maggie, Bo, Chris, Erica, Andrew, Erin, and Pappaw.  It was a great time and I wish we had more time in our days when we were home to visit the entire family. The time just flies by and I feel so guilty that we don't get to visit more and even see old friends.  I watched a movie with mom and dad on Sunday and Bailey went with Aunt Maggie and Uncle Bo to Bo's grandmother's house.  I'm pretty sure she had a great time, but she fell and skinned her poor face and nose up.  It looked pretty bad for about 6 days, but it's all better now.  Monday, Mom and I got mani/pedi and then I got my hair done.  We played at the park with Andrew and Erin and then had Chinese take-out (they have the best in Oneonta). That night was the finale of Bachelor.  Bailey got in trouble by Poppy T and had to go to bed (although it was time).  I don't know if this had anything to do with it or not, but she woke up at like 11 and cried and cried for her daddy.  She woke up about every 20 minutes for about 3 hours crying for him and I was so put out. She has never done this before and I didn't know how to help her or fix it.  Finally, I got her up and turned the light on to change her diaper and she snapped out of it.  But she woke the whole house up and it was rough in the process of getting there. Tuesday, Bailey and I got on the train and rode home.  That was a lot of fun, and really easy for me to deal with Bailey and not have to worry about being in the car/traffic/car seat. When the train first started rolling, Bailey said, "I ride the train!  Choo-Choo!"  We went to the dinning car and had chips, pickles, and some kind of peanut butter/choc ice cream that was to die for.  Mom and Dad got us a first class ticket so we had our own little train compartment.  It was really cool because Bailey could walk around in a small area and had a big window to look out.  She had a place for her juice and eventually climbed up in my lap and went to sleep.  Wednesday, she went to daycare and I went to Jackson.  Before I could get back home, daycare called and said she was running a temp.  She had developed a cough at Mom's on Tuesday before we left but I didn't think much of it.  Thursday morning she seemed to be feeling better and was taking some prescription cough medicine.  I got us ready and we had a late breakfast at McDonald's and played for a little bit.  She was cute playing, but you are supposed to be 3 and so she could only make it up two steps before she couldn't go and further.  It was nice because I didn't have to change her.  By the time we got home, she was tired and the cough medicine wasn't helping that, so we took a nap and when she woke up she was running a temp again. I called the pediatrician office but of course they couldn't see us. I just decided to ride it out.  She just took an antibiotic for the same symptoms less than a month ago. I'm thinking it's more allergy related than sickness related.  Friday, we did nothing.   Saturday, Bailey went to Nene's house and Sid and I left early to do some shopping in Jackson.  We had a great time and really enjoyed the day together.  We got home and I cleaned out some of my closet and then Sid and I went to get supper together and pick up Bailey from Nene's.  We REALLY enjoyed our day and need more time like that.  Sunday, Sid had to work, so Bailey and I stayed home and did nothing but mentally prepare ourselves for today.

So what else is going on??  Bailey goes to the ENT, Dr. Carron, who is also her surgeon, next week.  We hope to find out exactly what to do with these allergy symptoms.  Well, Dr. Carron won't tell us that, but he said after we got the allergy testing results back that he'd more than likely refer us to the allergist.  That's one reason why I decided to just ride out the deal last week, because we now know her airway is normal.  When she has a chronic cough, we know it's not a closed up airway.  It's more than likely allergies or asthma. We treat for asthma at home and and we will soon learn what to do with the allergies at home.  That's another point, I've noticed that Bailey comes home from Mom's alot coughing.  I'm thinking between the dog, the plants, the live stuff, the smelly stuff that Mom has all over the house, Bailey just can't handle it.   We also think this is the reason Sid gets a migraine every time we go to Mom's.  He can't handle all the smells.  And the best thing about seeing Dr. Carron next week is that we more than likely won't EVER have to see him again.  I'm telling you, the man ranks right up there next to God and my Pappaw in my book and we are so very thankful for Dr. Carron.  He cared for a baby girl and did not stop until he knew what he was dealing with and stopped at nothing to fix it.  We will def. stay in touch with him for these next 2 babies in case we need tubes or anything.  Dr. Carron says that what Bailey had is not hereditary and should not be something that we have to worry about in other children.  We are hopeful that these next 2 will have normal airways.

What else?? OH, I go back to the doctor next week, too. March 29th.  This will be the visit where they do a sono to check and make sure that the babies have their own placentas.  We know they are in their own sacs, because we can clearly see them  That's great because they can't get their cords wrapped around each other that way.  I read that if they had been in their own sacs, I would have to have been admitted the entire 3rd trimester to have multiple daily checks on this.  It is VERY dangerous.  I've been trying to wrap my head around what exactly is going on inside my body.  Basically, from what I can tell, and I am by no means the authority at this moment, but there was 3 different kinds of twins.  There are the abbreviations and in my words.
  • di/di  - The is where the twins have thier own sacs AND their own placentas.  This is the best case scenerio because you basically have two seperate babies growing on their own.  This is also the most common of twin pregnancies.  These twins may or may not be indenticle and you will never know how 2 eggs were fertilized.  It could be that 2 eggs were released during ovulation or that 2 different eggs were fertilized at 2 different times, but very close in times.  Does that make sense?  They are fertilized within days of each other, but basically have the same growth rate, so there is no way to determine how this type happens. 

  • mo/mo - This is where the twins share a sac AND share a placenta.  It is the rarest of all kinds and the most dangerous.  We know our twins are not this type because we at least know they have their own sacs.  This type of twin pregnancy is the type that would cause someone to be admitted to the hosptial their entire 3rd trimester.  The survival rate if you are not watched that closely is only about 60%. These twins are identicle and are the same sex.  They don't have their own placenta because they started as one fertilized egg that seperated later in the first trimester after the placenta had begun to grow.

  • di/mo - This is where the twins have their own sacs BUT DO NOT have their own placentas.  This type of pregnancy is not a good scenerio because the twins could develop something called TTTS - Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome.  This basically means that one baby bullys the other baby and takes up all the nutrition and room.  It causes the bullied baby to not get all it needs or room to move and so it's growth becomes restricted, among other things.  Obviously, this is not good.  I'm told that if this were to by our case, I would have to see a specialist for monitoring but it can be done on an out patient basis.  In the course of monitoring, should one baby become so restricted, decesions would have to be made as to the treatment so that both babies get what they need.  Clearly, this leads to prematurity, which we do not want. I don't really know the statistics of this type of twin pregnancy, but like with the others, it could be one egg that divided and the twins will be identical or it could have been 2 different eggs. 
From what I gather, the only way to tell for sure if the babies are identicle, other than DNA testing, is if they are the same sex.  Then in other readings, I've read that there are instances of boy/girl identical twins.  And just because they are the same sex, does not mean they are identical.  It's all just so much to take in. 

I am right at 13.5 weeks and I feel really good.  The only thing that really bothers me is I can't eat a lot at one time and so I'm hungry often.  This doesn't always lend itself to my schedule, but I make do.  The tiredness has eased up some, but there are days that I am just dragging.  I still have a very wicked gag reflex when brushing my teeth.  This morning, I tried brushing them in the shower, thinking if I could just let it all fall out and not have to move my tounge around, it might be ok.  WRONG!!!  But, it's still something I have to get done.  I'm still wearing all normal clothes, and have in fact lost 10 pounds since we found out we were pregnant.  I called the doctor last week and the nurse told me this was not uncommon for some women in the first trimester and that the babies would get what they needed.  That I would be the one to suffer from not enough nutrition.  But she said that if I was eating when I was hungry there really wasn't much else I could do.  I did gain 2 of those pounds back over the weekend, so maybe it's picking up.  Not that I want to be large and in charge, just wanted to make sure that I was eating enough for me and 2 babies.  Like I said, just so much to take in.

I told my Pappaw when I was at home that I sure wished my Mammaw was here.  There is so much I'd love to ask her and she'd be tickled to death and proud. 

I'm pretty sure your retinas are bleeding now.  Have a great week, the weather is beautiful, take it all in!!  Much love!!! Barbie

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