Friday, March 25, 2011

Doctor's Visit: The One In Which I Cried

I was scheduled to go to the doctor for my monthly check up this upcoming Tuesday.  I would have been right at 14.5 weeks (I think) and we were trucking right along.  Then, Thursday came and we had to work until  6 and I was on my feel for almost 12 hours and just worn out.  My lower abdomen and my pelvic area was hurting, not cramping, but hurting.  I didn't think much of it, because honestly, that's probably going to get alot worse before it gets any better. 

But then this morning, I woke up and felt very nauseated.  I got on in the shower and then I started throwing up.  I didn't think much of this either, although it hasn't happened very often.  The majority of my "morning sickness" has just been a blah feeling in which I have to eat a little at a time to get my get up and go going. 

But then something was in my throw up and there shouldn't have been. I hadn't had anything to eat or drink.  And I tried to get closer to see what it was before it escaped down the drain with the shower water.  But I couldn't.  And then, a big huge (if you have a weak stomach, now would be the time to just skip on down some) clot of blood came up.  And then it happened again. 

It sort of freaked me out, but I kept on getting my shower.  I got out and called the doctor's number to see if there was a doctor on call.  There was, but the recording I had to listen to in order to talk to the answering service told me that if this was not an emergency, I would be charged $15.  I hung up. I mean, was this an emergency, was this not.  I woke Sid up.  Asked his opinion.  His opinion was for me to forgo the possible waste of $15 and call the freaking doctor back.  I did and talked to the on call doctor.  He said more than likely it was just a GI problem, but given the fact that I was pregnant with twins, I should just come on in to see my regular doctor.  The thing was, I felt, and still do, feel fine.   Anyway, I went on the doctor, arriving at 8:30 like I was instructed to do. I assumed that since I was supposed to go in four days anyway, that this would just be my monthly visit.  Finally, at about 9:30, the nurse came to get me to find out what was going on.  I told her and she decided that I should go ahead for the sonogram and then maybe the doctor would be there!  W.H.A.T??  Then, when I got down to the sono, I waited and waited and was about to go ask if they forgot about me when they finally called my name.  I had a lady this time doing the sono that seemed to be in a hurry and wasn't very nice or talkative.  Usually, I got lots of pictures of both babies and they spend lots of time.  This was also the sono where we were looking for separate placentas.  She just really didn't say much and when I asked if she could try to see what they were, knowing it was still awfully early, she replied, "too soon!"  And that was it.  So I kept my mouth shut the rest of the time and left there with my two pictures of Baby A and one picture of Baby B. 

I went back up to see the doctor and didn't really have to wait much longer there, but it was already going on 10 and I was ready to go at this point.  Finally, Dr. North came in and I just started crying.  I think I was just so emotionally worn at that time and the fact that the sono lady was rude and that doesn't set well with an extra hormonal pregnant girl, I was just a wreck.  I bawled the whole time we were talking and then I felt stupid and started saying, "I really wish I knew why I was crying.  I have no idea why I'm crying".  And of course, then I apologized.  He just left and assured me I'm supposed to be crying at this stage and that was a good thing really.  I'll take his word for it.  I was sooooo embarrassed.

We talked about the babies first.  They look great.  The heart rates had gone down some to 146 and 151.  She didn't tell me how long they were and he didn't either. But they are measuring right at 14 weeks, which is right.  And, the best news of all, other than they look good still, is that they DO have their own placentas.  So, no worries there.

Then we talked about me.  Dr. North really felt like the problem just stomach irritation and wants me to take an antacid for a week. If this were to happen again, I am to call him back and come in because there could be a tear, but given the fact it only happened that once today, I think we'll live.

We go back in a month, at 17 weeks, will have a big scan to check all the body parts and such and WILL find out what Baby A and Baby B are. 

It has been an emotionally taxing day and I'm ready to call it a night.  Unfortunately, Bailey is over here doing head stands in the middle of the bed.  Sid, bless his heart, also spent his morning at the doctor.  He got 2 shots and came home with 4 medicines.  He apparently has a bad sinus/ear infection.  Neither of us feel like dealing with our sweet 2 year old who insists it's time to be ripping and roaring.  I keep thinking to myself, when (because it will happen with twins) I get put on bed rest, I don't know how it's going to work.  She can't stay in this house and me be on bed rest, that  much is obvious.  I think it's clear from bed rest with her, I'm the only one who takes bed rest seriously.  I guess at this time, I'll be thankful I'm not on bed rest and it's not an issue at this time.  But just the wrestling with and picking her up feels like I'm tearing my insides out. 

See?  Pity party?  I think much!  I'm blaming on the double hormonal thing at this point!!

Much Love, Barbie

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