Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March Doctor's Appointment

We got a good look at both Baby A and Baby B today.  I wish I could figure out how to put the video on here, but I can't.  Our little peas in the pod are about 3.5 cms long, are showing up with about 185 bpm heartbeat, and growing at the speed of lighting, coming in at 10.5 week along.  That's technically a week ahead of where they should be, so that's a good thing.  All of the bloodwork/tests from the initial visit looked good, all counts are aweome, I didn't gain any weight this month, and so overall, Dr. North was pleased. 

I did learn something this time that I thought I already knew. I thought that because the babies were in seperate sacs, this meant they had their own supply of things such as blood and nutrition.  Unfortunatly,there isn't a whole lot of information out there on growing/carrying twins.  We went to the bookstore today and there was only 1 book in the ENTIRE book store devoted to twins.  It just happened to be about what to do when you get them here.  I don't need some book telling me what to do when they get here, so I left that book at the store.  Anyway, as I learned today, not being in the same sac doesn't clear us from any and all problems relating to growing twins.  So, we have an ultrasound next time, in 4 weeks, to look for indications that they have their own supplies. 

We decided against things like amnio, even though I will be 35 when our peas arrive.  I told the doctor today that nothing will change me carrying these twins and Sid and I parenting these babies.  We know that up front.  But, if there are less invasive ways to scan for problems we'd like to go that route.  We will be having  a "big" ultrasound with some other kind of doctor at 18 weeks, which will be in April.  That scan should tell us if we need to look further.  And if we do, we will.  If we don't, we won't.  It's just one of those things that I feel is very personally and one that should be made based on what you will do with the information gained.  We'll see what kind of info we gain.

Speaking of gains, I did not gain any weight these past 4 weeks.  I was very proud of that.  It is my goal to only gain baby weight this go around.  I will never get the Bailey weight, so I surely don't want Baby A and Baby B weight on top of that.  IF I gain the right amount, I will still weigh less at these babies' birth than I did with Bailey.

So, not much else to report.  My sweet girl loves her some 2 baby dolls these days.  She is so sweet taking care of them, rocking them, singing to them.  I just look at her and I wonder how in the world I got so lucky to be her Mommy.  She got her first busted lip at daycare yesterday.  She fell on the slide and it was pretty bad.  She fell as Ben and Kylie's house the other day and talked for 2 days about falling on "Ben's rocks".  It was so funny.  She has just gotten so grown over the past 10 weeks and I don't know where my sweet baby is going to, but I'm loving the little girl she is turning out to be.

In other news, we have the rest of this week and all of next week and I am SPRING BREAK BOUND.  Thank you sweet Jesus!!!!

I wish I could report that my anxiety over life with 3 kids under 3 has lessened, but it hasn't.  I jut have so many worries about what we will do about this and that and everything else in between.  But at the end of the day, I know that my God has carried me through before and AMEN! he will carry me through again.  These babies truley belong to God.  HE has done this and we are so blessed.  We know this, but my human flesh continues to worry and have anxiety.  I tell myself, Baribe, he cares for the birds outside and rather they have food to eat or not.  Don't you know he surely cares for you and all that is you?  I know he does, but it's so hard to let that ole pesky devil sneak in and try to tell you this and that and steal the joy that God has given.  I feel as if I'm starting to get my energy back and I can eat more than 5 bites each meal.  So I'm hoping that as time ticks along, we can get out of this house and continue to experience life together and just have fun before we add two more to us. 

Here's for all the prayers we can get!!!!!  Love to all!!!!

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