Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Well, It's the Song That Never Ends

Oh, it goes on and on my friends.
Someone started singing it, not knowing what it was,
And they'll continue singing it forever just because,


Bailey is sick.  again.  

I don't really know what else to say.  She started coughing last Tuesday and by Wednesday was running a fever.  I didn't know she was running a fever until it was too late to go to the pediatrician.  After two doses of Tylenol, she seemed to be doing much better with no temp.  Plus she was getting cough med and breathing treatments.  But again, on Thursday afternoon, too late to go to the doctor, she started running a temp.  Friday morning, the doctor's office is only open until 12 and they were only taking 10 walk-ins because they were short staffed due to it being the Friday of spring break.  Like a fool, I let it go.  I told myself it was just allergies and she would be fine with a few more days of breathing treatments.  And she was ok, until Tuesday of this week.  Monday night she coughed and coughed and coughed and finally at 3 am she wanted some cough medicine.  So this afternoon, we went to the doctor.

The verdict:  PNEUMONIA!!!  I'm pretty sure that's spelled wrong, but I don't care at this point.  See, we don't see the same doctor, well really she was a nurse practitioner, but she saved Bailey's life and we love her.  But she left the clinic a few weeks ago and has not taken a new position anywhere else yet.  I really didn't want to go back to the clinic here and see the new doctor because the new doctor sort of ran her off and I didn't like that at all.  But I broke down, and we saw the new doctor.  The difference between the new doc and the old one was that the old one gave Popsicles.  So, naturally, Bailey wanted one.  They scraped around and found one and Bailey was in love.  Then it was gone and she wanted another one.  But we didn't have another one.  So when I walked out the door with her, slapped me in the face.  Someone please please please tell me this is normal 2 year old behavior.  I feel like either I should be medicated or my child should be on an antiphyscotic! 

So I get her in the car, we head a block down the road to drop off her prescriptions and Sid was gonna come right behind me and pick them up.  Well, of course they have a bubble gum machine, which is Bailey's first true love.  I didn't have any money, so the sweet girl that checks you out gave her a dime.  She got a pink piece of gum, which is her favorite and then decides to run to the candy isle and look for a pack of gum.  Except that wasn't happening!  So I picked her up and carried her to the car.  She got soooo mad that before I could get her to the car, she took the ball of pink gum and threw it across the parking lot.  Guess what?  The gum was gone! Forever!  And she was none too happy.  She pitched such a fit that by the time we got home, which was only 3 minutes away, her mouth was pouring blood.  She had either scratched herself or bit herself or something. 

Again, is this normal 2 year old behavior.  By this time, I was praying to the God of everything that He would sustain me.  I refuse to spank my 2 year old when she is in full meltdown mode.  I mean, hello, when I'm in meltdown mode and someone were to come along and use physical force to knock it out of me, I only see one of two things happen - retaliate with same physical force or just get even darn madder than I already was.  So I refuse to do it.  All I know to let her do it is work it out on her own.  But it's soooo hard to do when she's screamed "My pink bubble gum mama!"  at the top of her lungs for 3 minutes straight. 

Clearly, she doesn't feel good.  Or she needs to be medicated.

Then we get home, and I'm gonna win the mother of the year award by getting her a bath.  NOPE.  Wasn't happening.  And fixing her some chicken noodle soup.  NOPE.  Didn't want it.  Ok, then let's get our medicines so that we get those in our system.  THREE DOSES LATER, WE FINALLY HAVE ONE DOSE IN US.  I'm pretty sure we don't have enough to last 10 days because she is wearing one dose in her hair and my shirt got dose number 2.  Dose number 3 finally was ingested when it was placed in her juice. 

Let's go back to that chicken noodle soup.  She let her daddy feed it to her.  Let's talk about that bath.  She let her daddy do it.   Oh, and what about that breathing treatment?  Yep, her daddy was able to do it.

Ladies and gentlemen, I ask you again - Normal?  Needs medication?  Maybe she doesn't like me???

All I know is that I pride myself on being the mother that refuses to just get all bent out of shape and just simply walks away and ignores.  The more my hormones rage, the more I find this impossible.  Then I feel like a failure and the thoughts of "there'll be 3 of these soon" flood my head.

Prayers people, they are needed and greatly appreciated!

I'm staying at home with Bailey tomorrow and Sid will be with her on Thursday.  Unless of course Sid has admitted me to the phscy. ward by 7 in the morning!!!

Much love, Barbie, Sid, Bailey, Baby A, and Baby B

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