Thursday, March 3, 2011

Little Bitty Snipits of the Sono

For some reason the DVD will not just upload the entire 4 mins in a straight 4 min time span.  Here is a link to one of the 30 second snipits it demanded on breaking it up in to.  If you will notice where it has my name at the top above the video, there is a drop down box that has 9 videos, if you start at 1 and click through you will see the entire 4 minutes.   I don't know if this is becasue I don't know how to work it or if it's just the way it got recorded.  If you read this, and you know, please let me know!!!! 

March 2, 2011

Baby A is head up and Baby B is head down.  The tech checked out Baby A, then Baby B,and went back to Baby A.  Not sure why, I think she forgot she had already looked at Baby A.  She tried to begin and end with a screen of both of them together.  It did not really happen.  Also, if you watch closely, Baby B moves his/her hands alot.  I think he/she was mad that they had been squished as she poked at Baby A.  This sono did not feel too good.  Still vaginally, just because it was easier with two, and it didn't feel good at all.  Next time, it won't be that way. 

Well, here's you a look until March 31st. 

Love to all!

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