Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Once Again

Time is flying and the end of the night is upon me before I realize there are still things I wanted to do during my day...such as blog. So much has happened in my little world in the past few days. So let's play catch-up.

Mom and Dad came over this weekend for my first baby shower. They arrived in Philly about 4:00 on Saturday afternoon and visited at the house for a bit. Then they were casino bound. Sid and I met them out there a little later for a fab dinner and a little slot machine playing. I enjoyed myself at what will probably be the very last time for a long long time, if not forever, slot machine time. Of course I didn't win anything, but what they hey, it was fun. Sid and I also went back and met Mom and Dad for the buffet breakfast Sunday morning and then they came back over and we visited until time for the baby shower.

The baby shower was at Sid's mom's church, the church Sid grew up in. Cooks Chapel First United Methodist. Sid and Dad went with me and mom to the shower because we wanted them to and what else better did they have to do. A big crowd turned out and Sid and I (and Bailey) got lots of neat and needed things. Mostly cute little pink outfits, but we did get a pack N play (or 2) and a few of those bouncy chairs. We got a few packs of diapers and wipes and tons of cute little pink girly clothes. As I sat in the Bailey's floor taking the tags off of her new clothes to be washed, I couldn't believ how excited I was getting over a bunch of pink stuff. haha!

I must not forgot that on Saturday morning Sid and I finished what we could of Bailey's room. The bed is together and bedding put on, the furniture arranged, the curtains hung, and the changing table ready to go. We are still working on her art work but hopefully that will be here soon.

I went to the doctor today since I'm having to go every 2 weeks now. Everything checked out just fine. Her heartbeat was at 155, just wonderful. And I should be right at 31 weeks along. However, I am measuring a little over 33 weeks. Dr. Purvis said when I start to measure 37 weeks we'll have to evaluate things to determine how much further I can go. All I know is she better hang on till after Dec. 13th.

I just ordered my dress, or what I hope will be my dress, for Maggie's wedding. Maggie approved it so that makes me feel better. I felt like everything that I could get that would accomodate by growing belly was granny looking. But hopefully not. Oh and on that note, I was informed today that I've only gained 22 pounds. I don't know how, but he said thats' not bad.

Other than being overly tired, I have felt really good lately. I have been getting some good sleep and emotionally feel pretty good.

We go tomorrow for the 4-D ultrasound so I'm looking forward to that. We get to video it on a VHS which is exciting. And also hopefully get some good shots of her for Sid's idea for our Christmas cards this year. Stay tuned, maybe I'll post some pics.

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