Friday, November 28, 2008

So I'm a Day Late

But HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! We hope everyone had a great one. We did. We stayed in Philly and went to Sid's grandmother's for lunch. Most of the rest of the family was there and it was nice. We got our Christmas tree put up and Sid was able to do a little hunting.

I got cabin fever this morning, even though I'd been out of the house, so Sid and I decided to go to Meridian tonight and get some Christmas shopping done. We also had some things to get for Bailey that we knew we were gonna need and Sid's mom wanted to do that with us. So we all went. We got a lot done AND we got a camcorder. We have no idea how to use it, but know once we learn how to use it, it will be the best thing.

I never ever get up and fight the crowds on the Friday after Thanksgiving, so this year was no different. But it wasn't that crowded this afternoon and we had a good time.

So hope everyone's Thanksgiving weekend is going great and once I get those batteries charged up on the camera, I still promise to post some photos.

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