Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Long Time

No Post! I way over-did it this past weekend. It was a good weekend but I it was rough in the end. We had our Thanksgiving Soup meal at daycare Friday at 11:30 and ended up with standing room only. We had enough places set for 100 kids and parents and ran out of room. Thank goodness we didn't run out of food, though. I think everyone enjoyed it, but I stayed on my feet for about 5 hours. Fortunatly Sid was able to pack most of my stuff to leave for Alabama and we got on the road probably around 2. The ride over was HELL. My legs were hurting and restless before we even got there, but it was so good so see everybody when we got there. Erin was at mom's and mom had gone on a cooking spree. So it was nice. But I did not sleep one wink. Not one wink, my legs were so restless.

Saturday my eyes were still bothering me and I tried to wear my contacts but just couldn't. Leslie had a baby shower for me at her house, along with the help of Tiphanie, Liz and Maggie. THANKS GUYS!!! Sid's mom and dad came over for it. It was really nice. We got lots of cute pink stuff, some of which I'll post pictures of later. And we got a bunch of much needed things. Because I didn't sleep and because I had my glasses on, by 5:00 I was struggling. But we were going out to eat with Sid's mom and dad since they were in town. I was hungry too!

When we got to the Charlie B's (the eating place), Sid broke out into a sweat and was on the verge of throwing up. I swear if it's me it's him. He had been complaining of his back hurting all day so I was afraid of another kidney stone. He ended up having to leave us and go back to Mom and Dad's to lay down. I decided it was the flickering of the candles at Charlie B's. The last 5 or 6 times he's been around candles, it's triggered a migraine so I don't know. But he was pitiful. I slept better Saturday night, but not much better. I just couldn't get comfortable.

Sunday morning we went to church and then Cafe on Main to eat lunch with mom and dad. Maggie's bridal tea was Sunday at 2:00, so Sid and I went with her and Bo to help her open gifs at 1:00. It ended up being my job to help open presents and write them down the rest of the time, which was fine with me because I got to sit and down most of the time.

My Aunt Marianne came in about half way through the shower and brought me some baby gifts. I don't want to spoil the fun of what she got me, I want to post pictures of it, but I'll just say for now that it is by far one of my favs so far. So be on the lookout for pics of it. I must add here that mom put her monograming machine to good use and Bailey has monogramed stuff from her Mimi now. I have to post of picture of one the things Maggie and Mom got me, but I'll save the story with it later too. It was the second gift I've received for Bailey that has made me cry. Funny she has been the one to give me both gifts. HMMM! She has a way of doing that anyway.

Anyway, Sid picked me up at 3:00 for us to head home and he felt so bad he was in his pj's. We were kind of pitiful on the way home. He ended up feeling so bad the whole weekend that he went to the doctor himself yesterday to see if there was anything they could do with for the migraines. They put him on some daily meds and he had to go today for a routine CT of the head. On a side note, he went hunting this afternoon and just called to tell me he killed a deer, so maybe that will ease the tension some. Last year he didn't kill anything and this is the first day he's gotten to go this season. Even though I hate his hunting and could care less, I'm happy for him.

I got up throwing up yesterday morning and feeling like crap with a head cold. I was supposed to go to the doctor today but went yesterday instead since I was feeling so bad. Got good news, but Bailey is out of room and this pain I'm feeling at the top of my tummy is a rib she's kicked around and knocked a little out of whack. We will start doing non-stress tests on the 1st to make sure she is ok since she's out of room but Dr. Purvis said it could be any day now and if not by Christmas, we'd determine a day then to take her. So we expect her to be here by the New Year!!! I took it easy yesterday, as I felt like I had over done it over the weekend, but this morning didn't prove to be any better. I got up and got to work and threw up everywhere. So I've been at home most of the day today as well. I'm so bored and this is exactly why I can not be put on bed rest.

Soooo we'll try it again tomorrow and see how that goes. We will be closed Thursday and Friday so I hope I can work some tomorrow since I'll be off for four days.

I do feel like I've had some contractions and some other not so plesant mentions of prelabor, but I when I told Dr. Purvis I thought I was having contractions, he said, "I guess so, look at you!". Which I didn't think was too nice, but he and I have that sort of doctor/patient relationship.

Ok, so this has turned into a novel, but I'll post pics of the surprise from my Aunt Marianne and stuff like that later. And oh yeah, Aunt Maggie and Unca Bo won't be home from their honeymoon until Dec. 18th so Bailey WILL NOT come before then. Aunt Maggie has to be here!!!

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