Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Another Week

Gone by! But nothing new to report. So I will take this time to brag on my sweet husband. He did some handy work for me today in my office and I soooo appreciate it. He just doesn't know! One thing he did was hang some blinds over my windows so the sun will stop shining in and blinding me. It wasn't an easy task with concrete walls either.

I haven't felt so good this week. I ended up at the eye doctor Monday with an eye infection. I should have gone earlier but I thought it was just junk. So I've been having to wear my glasses and I don't know if that's the cause or not, but I've had some major, major nausea and headaches.

Bailey's definately growing becasue I feel that we are running out of room in here. I hope she's comfortable because I'm sure not. We'll see what happens when I'm at the doctor next Tuesday.

Alot to happen between now and then though. I will head back to Alabama this weekend, but this time Sid will be able to go with me. Some friends and family are giving me a baby shower Saturday at Leslie's house and Maggie's bridal tea is Sunday. Not to mention before we leave for Alabama I have planned the "Thanksgiving Soup" meal for 50 something kids and at least one parent each. It's turned into more than I tought it would be, but oh well, the parents seem to be happy and that's what counts. Maybe I'll post a picture.

We put some of Bailey's clothes in her drawers and hung some in the closet. I told Sid it seems so sureal planning for her. She has her own room and all these little clothes and when she arrives, she comes into this world with nothing but me and Sid. That's pretty scary if you think about it. Now that I know she is just perfect, I have started to worry that she won't like us. Sid says she will becasue she doesn't really have a choice. I just love him!!!!

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