Friday, November 7, 2008

This Is For All You Mama's of Little Boys

I'm on the look out for a christmas tutu that Bailey can wear next year at Christmas. That seems to be the thing around here this year but I've only heard about them. I can't find them. Someone told me Children's Place had them but I can't seem to find it online. Anyway, I think it sounds really really cute so let me know if you spot one. OH, and a onesie that says "Merry Everything". Too cute!!

Anywhoo, time is just flying by. We have our first baby shower this weekend at Sid's mom's church and of course we are excited. I haven't done much recently in Bailey's room so I got to get busy on that, too. Apparently I'm supposed to be doing something called "nesting" but I'm not and I don't even know what that is. But if I ever start it I'll let you know.

We go back to the doc on Tuesday, since I go every 2 weeks now. I've been feeling really really good the past week or so. The only problem to note is that the no sleep/restless legs thing is getting worse instead of better. Wednesday night I did not sleep one wink. Not one wink of sleep and I was about to kill over all day yesterday. It was a long too, since we had a board meeting here at church for the daycare. BUT, I went to sleep at 9:00 and didn't wake up until about 7:30 this morning. I didn't even wake up to go to the bathroom, so that's big for me. And some much needed sleep.

Stay tuned for pics of the baby shower. Oh, my sweet little sister, who it feels like just came home from the hospital as a newborn yesterday, is having her lingere shower Saturday. I just can not believe that. It makes me sad in a way. But on the other hand, she's excited so I'm excited for her. I will not be able to make it to this shower since it's Saturday night in Birmingham, but I know she's looking forward to it. Anywhoo, stay tuned for pictures.

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