Thursday, February 4, 2010

So Long Cell Phone

Bailey always plays with our cell phones.  In fact, she loves them, loves to say "hey" and loves to act like she is talking on them.  Loves for you to act like you are talking on it to/with her.  Loves to make it light up.  Loves to hear it ring while she is holding it. 

She also has developed a habit of going into the bathrooms and lifting the lids on the toilets, which drives me INSANE because that's just....well....nasty to play at the toilet.  I've thought a time or two that she had deposited her paci's in there, oh but no!  She would never put HER stuff in there. 

But she sure didn't mind watching MY cell phone sink to the bottom last night.  I tried with all my might to bring it back to life, to no avail.   So I've resorted to using a cell phone that we can't even give away.  The time isn't right on it and it's sooooo hard to send text messages.  But the good news is at least I do have one to use while on the road if needed.

If you call me and you don't get you know why!!!!

The little stinker!!!  She went to sleep last night at 6:15 and we had to wake her up at 6:30 this morning.  Daycare is in for a treat today!!!!!

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