Sunday, February 7, 2010

A. Brick. Wall

That's what I feel like I've hit this weekend.  I had such huge plans of getting this house cleaned up but I have done nothing but sleep all weekend and feel like I could sleep some more.  I guess maybe it's because the transition not only back to work, but work that keeps me moving, literally, all day long, and work with a drive has me a little out of sorts.  The morning drive is good and gives me time to get my thoughts together and give myself a pep talk.  The drive home is not so great.  I just wish at 4:00 I could click my heels and be home. 

Sid, on the other hand, has stepped up to the plate and done a fablous job of getting things done.  But then again, doesn't he always? 

We are going to Nene and Jerry's in a little bit for some super bowl eatings after Sid gets home from work and Bailey wakes up from her nap.  She did not sleep at all last night.  In fact, she was running a bit of a temp and has had some pretty yucky diapers this weekend so I'm almost certain it's teeth.  But she also has a runny nose and a runny eye.  But no cough or wheezing thank the good Lord. 

I know I haven't put up any new pictures lately but I plan to take the camera tonight and maybe snap a few of Mason and Bailey. 

And here's a funny story to tied you over.  Friday I was late leaving work because I had some paperwork to prepare for a meeting I'll be in all day tomorrow so Sid went ahead and fed Bailey something at home.  But when I got home we all went to the Mexcian place here in town.  We didn't order Bay anything since she had technically already eaten and I said I wasn't going to ever give her a chip again after the last time we ate Mexican.  But she has way more teeth now so I went ahead and dipped her about half a chip in the cheese sauce.  She promptly licked it off and yelled out, 'UUUUMMMMM"!  It was so sweet and cute.  She loved it and we didn't have to worry about the chip part because she was too busy licking the dip off!  Next time I'll take the camera.  haha!

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Heather said...

I hope you feel better! I know what you mean about feeling tired. I was feeling tired all day today and even napped a little. Ugh, eating ice cream probably didn't help. ;-)
That is a funny story about Bailey liking the dip. Brad still is not a big eater and I wish he was!
Have you tried Lightroom yet?