Saturday, February 20, 2010

So What? I Know It's Been Over A Week!

Yeah, I know it's been over a week since I last posted. 

Work is kicking my tail. I had morning duty last week, so I had to be there extra early and stand out in the 20 degree morning temps to herd students in the right direction once they eat breakfast.  It's not a hard job, herding kids, that is.  But it was difficult for me to stand out in such bitter coldness to so.  Never fear, the big Carhart with Windham Tractor logos all over it kept me mighty warm.

 At least twice last week I went to bed with Bailey when she fell asleep, which is at around 7 p.m.  I even missed the Bachelor Monday night and haven't even had time to google it to see what the heck happened.  I think I'm bored with the Bachelor anyway.  I haven't had time to read all my favorite blogs.  I haven't had time to do anything, actually!  Well, I did finish a book last night that I started reading about a month ago! Does that count?

I knew, though, when I took this job that I'd have to cut out things like TV and computer, or cut down at least, in order to be a good mother and wife.  So that's what I've done.  And I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Sid has had to work all day today, so Bailey and I are hanging out at home.  I thought I'd take her to the park sometime today since it's so pretty and nice out.  But she has decided against a nap today and I'm scared of a melt down.  So we haven't ventured out.

Here's a recap of what the past week has been like.  Thursday, a week ago, Bay's daycare director text me to say that Bay had been fussy, was running a 99.9 temp and had several episodes of spitting up throughout the day.  Not throw up, just a lot of what she was calling spit up.  That night, I stayed in Meridian to get my hair done so sid had her and he felt like she was fine.  So we didn't give it much thought.  The next morning, Friday, it snowed and we all stayed at home.  Bailey took a long morning nap and when she woke up she threw up all over me, her and the bed.  And we discovered she was running a 103 temp.  The snow was coming down pretty hard, but I called Urgent Care to see if they were by chance open, which they were, but were closing as we spoke because of the weather.  We gave her some Motrin and went on about our day.  She never threw up anymore that day, but her temp would spike back up when the Motrin would wear off.  Saturday morning, she woke up about 5:30 with a pretty high temp, but after some Motrin, fell back asleep and never ran a temp again.  However, that afternoon, she threw up again, so I decided to take her on in to the Urgent Care.  The doctor determined it was just a bad cold, the drainage making her stomach sour, and we decided to treat with some Children's Dimetapp.  Sunday, she was ok, but still not eating, and still coughing and having alot of green drainage.  Monday, Nene kept her at home and she started to eat a little bit more.  No more temp, no more throw up.  OH, by the way, the last time she threw up was in the car, all over her car seat, on the way home from the doctor.  GROSS!!!  Tuesday, Sid took her to Jackson for the follow up with Dr. Carron on her tubes.  Dr. Carron discovered that she had a blot clot in one of ears.  This made me freak a little bit when he called to tell me, but from the sound of things, it wasn't as bad as it first appeared.  Bascially she has a place in one tube where some blood did not drain out.  We've been flusing it at night with a water/peroxide mixture.  She literally screams when we do it to that one ear.  But we still haven't seen any drainage.  I hope it's dissolving, but I guess we won't know unless she has to go to the doctor for any reason because Dr. Carron doesn't want to see her back for three months.  I've come to the conclusion, at age 14 months, that Bailey will not do anything normal, she will probably always be the exception to all the rules, and we might as well go ahead and claim it!  She went back to daycare on Wednesday and they have started letting her go up to the next class to play some during the day.  I think those children are closer to the age of 2 than 1, so it will be great for her, we think.  She still eats and sleeps in the baby room, but she is just growing up so fast.  So, to say it's been a week, a tiring week, is an understatement, as you can tell.

Kylie picked her up from daycare yesterday when she picked up Mason to let them play for a few hours.  I picked her up from Kylie about 5 and me, Sid and her went to eat Mexican.  By the time we got home, she and I were both ready for bed! 

Now we are boycotting the nap!

Before we went to eat Mexican, I took her outside and had a little photo shoot.  Sid had to go to the funeral home for visitation of a family friend.  So while we were waiting on him, this is what we did.

And while playing around with my camera this morning before uploaded this to the computer, I figured out it would do this:

Obviously those are the same picture.  I guess the one that I changed didn't save in it's original form.  But I thought that was pretty cool!

I hope that this upcoming week isn't as hectic as last week was for us!

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