Monday, February 8, 2010

New Kicks.....And Other Random Things

I thought I had blogged about these

new shoes when we got them.  Well, Mom got them, but I went back and tried to find the post to see exactly when it was and couldn't find it so I guess I didn't blog about them.  But I remember thinking I couldn't believe my sweet baby had feet big enough and was old enough to have a real pair of tennis shoes.  It had to be summer time though when you look at the fact that she had shorts on which means she was probably about 6 months old.  Those Nike's are a size 3 wide and since that time we've had several different pairs of shoes, those plus her first pair of Ked's and a few pairs of more dressy shoes to wear with her dresses and dressy outfits.  Two pairs we bought as late as December.  At 13 and half months, Bailey has grown out of every pair of shoes she has ever owned.

Today we got these:

And I could not believe it.  They are a size 5 1/2 WIDE.  I was stunned.  The lady said that all babies have wide feet and they slim up after they have been walking for awhile.  Well, Bailey has been walking for almost two months and can practially run these days. Sid and I both have exceptionally short, exceptionally wide feet.  I remember Maggie laughing at Bay's feet when we got her home from the hospital because they were so long, much longer than we would have imagined considering mine and Sid's feet.  Maggie said they were probably as long as they would ever be at birth, her feet were that long.  I was stunned.  I couldn't believe it.  I went to get a new pair of Ked's but she needed at least a 5 in them and they were out of that size.  So we got those for now and will get a pair of Ked's when the new sizes come in.  But they had all of their new summer sandles in and stocked up for the warmer weather.  I can't wait to buy her some of those but passed on them today since she will obviously need a larger size in a few months. 

It was so funny when I put those on for her to try walking in.  When she wore her Nike's she wasn't walking yet and has basically just had sock feet the past three weeks because she didn't have any shoes that fit.  Which was fine, she always basically just had sock feet or bare feet since that's what helps babies to learn to walk, but it was just time to get a pair of shoes of some sort and I couldn't believe how big of a shoe we had to get. Have I said that yet???   Anyway, she picked her whole leg up one at a time to take the first few steps like I had just strapped a ball and chain to her feet.  It was funny!

Next on the agenda will probably be getting a hair cut!

I'm not ready for it yet but it's getting so long.  You really can't tell it in this picture because it is the wrong side of her head and she has a bow in.  But she doesn't leave the bow in very long and the front is starting to hang in her eyes and the back is starting to look like a mullet.  haha!  She was feasting on a pig-in-the-blanket at her Mammaw's during the Super Bowl in that picture!

Next random topic...daycare!

I don't ever have to drop Bay at off at daycare.  Sid has always done it for me so I didn't have to say bye to her.  He always tells me how happy she is when they get there and she starts waving bye to him before they get in the door.  Well, today they had a huge funeral and he needed to get going earlier than 7, so I took her.  And sure enough, while I was getting her out of the car, she started waving bye to me.  Don't get me wrong, it's a great thing that she loves being there and she was so excited to see her friends after being gone for the weekend.  It was really too funny. 

This afternoon when I picked her up, she had this in her cubby:

I got tickled at the note because she does put everything like this in her mouth but I was excited to get her first piece of art.  Ms. Marsha said Bailey did not like it when she had the marker on her hands and wanted it OFF immediatly.  That was funny to hear too!  My brother got her some tub pens for her birthday and for the longest time she would just sit in the tub and take the lid off and put it back on, over and over again while I bathed her.  I would show her how to write with them while I was writing her name or something and we would do hand over hand but she never could get the result of the mark.  Well, about two weeks ago she finally made marks on her own and she has been writing up a storm in the bathtub ever since.

You can see where I wrote her name in orange, but the blue dots are totally her's.  Of course I was proud of her color choices of orange and blue myself!!!  I hesitate to get her some crayons because I know she is just going to try to eat the end of them, but I think I might try them out soon!  She is learning the cause and effect thing and it's so exciting to watch. 

And lastly, I have to talk about The Bachelor.  I was blogging while trying to watch it just now and it's finally over.  That was really two hours of pain tonight trying to get through it, but I wanted to see the hometown visits.  I am really about over the drama.  Jake is not my fav and it's so hard to watch him.  I see now why the rumor is he ends up with blondie.  But if I had to hear Alley cry one more second and wipe snot off of her face one more time I was going to scream.  And, sure enough, in true Bachelor form, she calls Jake next week.  Please!!!!!  Bachelor needs to get some new drama lines.  The going and coming is getting old!!!  I reallly will be glad when this season is OVER!!!!

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Heather said...

Bailey has cool shoes! :)
I got Brad a new pair last week - size 5.
The tub pens look so cool, I want to get Brad those, too. He has the big crayons and he tries to eat them but I just watch him using them and stop him from doing that. :) He likes to color with them.
Gee, i'm glad I'm missing this season of the Bachelor. Usually I watch but I have been busy on Monday nights. :)