Monday, February 1, 2010

The Greatest Show on Earth

Could have been just a little better!  It cost us (Me, Sid, Maggie and Bo) about $120 for four tickets to get into this show and let's just say we could have spent that money on many many other things that probably would have brought us the same amount, if not even more, amounts of happiness.  Bailey did enjoy the parts with the animals.  But one can only watch the flying trapeze artists and the trampoline acrobats for so many minutes before you are just bored out of your mind.  From the comments of those around us and the many Facebook comments I read after the fact the feeling was mutal among most all that went.  Nevertheless, it was Bailey's first trip and she was a bit amazed at first and good as gold for a 13 month old at such an event.  So, without further ado, here is our time at the circus in pictures.

It was freezing cold and misting so we had to wrap her up good, including the ears, and this she was not happy about.  But the walk from the truck in the parking garage, which cost us $8, to the door is a bit of a trek, so she had to just deal!

But once inside, she was captivated by these people and the opening parade:

And these great big animals:

But I was captivated by her:

And just for fun:

We really did have a great time watching her but her favortie thing was the elephants and they only took the stage for about ten mintues aside from the preshow and the opening and closing parade.  We got to talking after it was all over and decided that the animal rights activists must have kept the circus from bringing out too many animals.  Other than the elephants, we only saw some tigers which of course were in their cage so I don't even think she noticed them and then a few donkeys and such as that.  It was almost as if they were trying to recreate an old timey circus and most of the acts were "sideshows" of one kind or another.  Like I said, only so much of that one can watch.  Three hours is a little much! I'm sure we will go again next year though if it works out that we can.  Bailey just loves lights and music and crowds and she really does pay attention to things. 

In fact, here are some pictures of Sunday.  Where she was paying attention and behaving in church!!!!

Lord help me, she melts my heart!!!

Do you think it's time to start weening from the paci?  Poppy T acted a little amazed when he learned she still had it.  I just can't bear to take it away right now though because it was the first thing they gave her in the NICU that brought her comfort when we couldn't touch her.  I'm sure her and the big green paci have quite the bond and I don't want to break that bond yet.  Plus I'm really not ready to lose any sleep over the situation.  We had to cancel her first dentist appointment due to the tubes and I'm sure when go over Spring Break I'll be instructed to severe ties.  But until then she and the paci have no plans to part!!!

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Laura said...

I think Alise was 2 when we took her to the circus for the first time and she would loose interest easily, too. She was 3 last year and really seemed to enjoy it more. She's already talking about going back this year.

As far as the paci, I was admandant that Alise be off of hers before her 2nd birthday. However, we didn't go through all the things that you guys did at birth so maybe it's a good idea to prolong the "event." Good luck!