Wednesday, July 27, 2011

32 Weeks - How Much Longer Will We Keep???

It doesn't feel like that much longer if you ask my "get up and go" or my "breathing".  I said during the entire pregnancy with Bailey that I felt disabled because of all the problems.  Thank goodness I haven't had to say that this time, but my body has really gone through some changes in the past week and I've had to break down and say it.  I said it to the nurse this morning and her reply?  "You know you're not going to make it much longer."  I feel like I won't, but the good news is, everything is just perfect right now. 

I had our routine ultrasounds first, just like always.  Here's the stats:
Baby A:  weighs 4 pounds and her heart rate was 151.  She is measuring at 31 weeks 2 days.
Baby B:  weighs (are you ready for this???) 4 lbs 6 ounces and her heart rate was 147.  She is measuring right at 32 weeks. 
(Something makes me want to think I have these weights and measurements mixed up b/c Baby A has always been the bigger baby.  But  I asked the tech twice and this is what she told me twice.  Still, even if they are reversed, there is still 8 POUNDS 6 OUNCES OF BABY IN MY BELLY AT 32 WEEKS!!!!  I don't know why this is so much for me to take in, but I had to hold it together until I got to the car.  Something about knowing they were 4 pounds each, and according to my research assistants Kylie and Amy, multiple babies are consider "full term weight" at 4 pounds, meaning that if they were born and everything else like breathing and lungs was ok, their weight wouldn't hold them back.  Plus, Bailey only weighed 6 pounds so it's just amazing to me that I've surpassed what I was carrying with her, even though that is a combined weight of 2 babies. 

We also did a biophysical profile, which checked their breathing and movement.  The tech said she wished that all the twins she saw acted like mine.  They were, and always are, very active, which means they either have plenty of room or are making room to move about as they see fit.  Their fluid looked good and breathing pattern was good, too!  That means they aren't in any kind of distress.  I may be in distress, but sweet Elissa and Ellie are not!!

The tech checked my cervix and she said it was still good and long.  I assume that means it is staying put where it should be.  The doctor did not check me.

Next up on the agenda, weight!!!  I only gained 1 pound ya'll.  I do not know how this was so, but I had to ask twice about that, too.  They brings my total weight up to about 20 pounds I think.  I'd have to go back and look.  But Dr. North even bragged on that a bit.  I treated myself when I was done. 


I've always wanted to go to one of those yogurt places where you fix your own.  I had peanut butter, chocolate, and cheesecake yogurt with a few dabs of this and that for toppings. I opted to have this for lunch instead of Chick Fil A.  I couldn't eat it all and now that I'm home, I'm craving Chick Fil A.  ha!! This was one of those places that weighs what you have fixed and charges you accordingly.  I probably could have eaten CFA for cheaper, and I'll have to say that the butter finger ice cream that was made at the fair cabin last night was WAY better than this. 

Ok, back to the doctor.  He and I usually don't have that much to talk about since I have the ultrasounds first and she tells me alot.  But he went over the ultrasounds with me, oh! and my blood pressure continues to be very good.  Basically, he said his original goal for me was 32 weeks and now that we have made it, he'd like to see 36-37 weeks.  In the next breath, he says, "I don't think you'll make it."  So that made me need to bring up work.  I am supposed to start on Wednesday and have meetings Wed, Thurs, and Fri.  He says he thinks this will be fine.  He even said that going for a little bit to work was ok after that.  But he doesn't think I'll be doing myself any favors by trying to have full days, which would consist of me getting up at 5:30, being at work by 7:20, working all day, and not getting home until around 4.  He says he's afraid I'd do more damage than good.  Based on my energy level, I'd say I have to agree.  I plan to put a call into work later and discuss the best plan of action later today or in the morning. 

I go back next Tuesday, which happens to be my 34th birthday, and the day before school starts, at 33 weeks.  We'll see what goes from there!!! 

In other news, Bailey Whitehead has sooooo enjoyed herself  with what she calls "at the fair grounds".  I don't think she knows it's only called the fair.  Her mammaw has been spending the night here at the house with her and between her and Sid, Bailey hasn't missed a beat.  I'm sooo thankful.  Tomorrow is Philadelphia day and Sid said he's going to take her out there early.  Friday will end the fair and Bailey will be so sad.  Unfortunately, I've not been out there but about 3 nights and only a few hours each night I don't have any good pictures to share so far. 

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