Sunday, July 3, 2011

More on the Bedrooms-Babies

Mom and Dad showed back up for round 2 bright and early again this morning.  After a good breakfast that Sid made for us, we got right back to work. Mom had some finishing touches to do to Bailey's room.  I forgot to take pictures a minute ago, so I'll do that later.  But she quickly moved on to the nursery.  The majority of the work was getting the extra bedroom taken down and moved out, and Bailey's things moved from then nursery to her new room, with her new things furniture.  So today's work revolved around Mom, Dad, and Sid (and sometimes me) cleaning out unwanted/needed items from the nursery, getting it cleaned up, rearragned, and the second bed brought in. 

We are using Mom's baby bed that she bought when Erin was born and then Andrew used it at Chris's house when he needed one.  The beds don't match, but that's ok.  They both turn into toddler beds and they are two different babies so it wasn't important to me that their cribs match.  We are using the same changing table that we used for Bailey.  The story behind that is Sid and I found a piece of furniture in October 2007 at an antique shop that we paid $30 for it.  It stayed in Chris's basement for about the next year and finally when we got pregnant with Bailey, we decided to bring it home and re-do and use it as the changing table. It was perfect then and will continue to be perfect through 2 more babies.  Sid actually did all the work to it before Bailey was born.  There is a post somewhere around the blog of before and after on it. 

The only other thing that is in the nursery at this point is a bookshelf that was in there that we used with Bailey.  It was emptied out when we moved Bailey and so it basically just has infant toys on it that we did not want to switch to Bailey's new room and I'm sure we'll add to it as time goes on.

The closet - OH. MY. WORD!! The closet in the nursery was a huge source of stress for me. Piled high of stuff that was good, but needed a home and some stuff that could do.  You know, I've learned though this that with the first baby, you think you need EVERYTHING you see.  But after getting her through her infant stages, I know better of what is needed and not needed and some stuff we are just better of without having it piled up around here.  I bet you anything Sid, Dad, and Bailey (she has continued to make every step they have made) took at least 4 of what I call body bag garbage bags to the dumpster.  I know that Mom and Dad took 3 huge boxes of clothes, shoes and toys that we will need in about a year home with them to their storage.  So, even though this picture doesn't look like much, I will tell you that a before picture would have shown a trail to the closet for Bailey's pull ups and clothes and other than that, you could not even walk in the room.

Mom is doing the bedding and curtains and they are not done yet.  However, one of these baby beds is ready for babies should we need it before we come. 

Sid cooked us a steak for supper and Nene and Jerry came by to eat.  It's not 7:30, Mom and Dad are back at the hotel, we are all three bathed an in the bed with the lights out, watching TV, playing games on the phone and ipod (and blogging), ready for some sleep.  It has been a long hard 2 days, but we now can all 5 fit in this house. 

I still cannot find the words two write on this blog about how appreciative I am of Mom and Dad renting a van, packing up what we needed from there, coming her and spending their 4th weekend cleaning up my house and helping Sid do manual labor that had to be done, loading up what we didn't need from this house, and hauling it back to their storage, and then returning the rented van.  And I'm soooo thankful for Sid.  He defiantly has his priorities straight.  This is just a time in our lives when we needed to focus on us and this house while we had someone offering to do help him, and although he could have been a million other places this weekend, he never stopped doing what was asked of him or needed of him. I don't think I heard him complain one time this entire weekend.  I am SOOOO thankful for him and his desire to be the best dad and husband he knows how to be. 

All that being said, here is how we left the nursery for now, until Mom comes back in about 3 weeks with the bedding for it.  Hold on Elissa and Ellie.  Not much longer!!!

That's a picture from the doorway.  The closet is on the wall to the right and then you can see the edge of the bookshelf that backs up to the closet.  The bed on the right was Bailey's and the white bed was the one mom and Dad brought.  Ya'll just can't imagine what this looked like 48 hours ago.  I know I for one will rest much easier from here on out knowing we have all this this far!

Much love, Barbie

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