Monday, July 25, 2011

Fair and Big Sister Shirt

Well, it's now day #4 of the Neshoba County Fair. I can honestly say that I'm torn between wanting to be out there and be at home because that's where I feel the best.  We went Friday night and Saturday night for a little bit.  Sid had to work the weekend, which I dreaded because I just can't breathe and I can't hardly get around and I didn't know how I was going to handle Bailey all weekend alone.  But, Nene stepped in, and she got Bailey on Saturday and Sunday afternoon to let her get some fair time in before Sid got off work.  Neither Sid nor I went on Sunday.  Sid came home from work with a major migraine and I feel like he was probably on the verge of overdose when he finally won the battle and threw up.  The last thing he wanted me to bring him, I told him was it, after that he was going to the ER.  Thankfully he fell asleep.  Not sure what caused it other than it was just a hectic work weekend for him in the heat.  It has rained so much the past 4 days, too, so the ground at the fair grounds has just been nasty.  But between Sid and Nene, Bailey has been able to see a little of the rodeo, ride a few rides, and watch some horse races.  She loves it out there.  When we round the corner and she sees all the campers and cars, she squeals like we've enter the gates of Disney World.  I don't get it.  But I'm defiantly seeing the difference between being "raised" at the fair and being "thrown" into the fair.  I guess she loves it enough for both of us right now. 

Every day, there is a newspaper that comes out called "The Fair Times" and it just includes the happenings around the fair that day or the previous day.  Last year, the day before the fair started, me, Mom, Sid and Bailey got our picture made and there was a big write up about Mom being a visitor and her thoughts about it.  This year, a picture was taken of some the kids playing and it was in the paper yesterday.

Not the best picture because I took a picture of the picture with my phone.  But that's Mason on the left, then Bailey in the middle and Levi on the right.  Levi is a 2nd cousin.   They had been playing the mud, but oh! so happy!!!

I got a prize in the mail today.  I have been looking basically since I found out I was pregnant with twins for a big sister shirt for Bailey.  But I wanted something special that was not just a generic one that she could actually wear to the hospital.  I talked to a few people that could do things like this, but finally decided on something and here's the finished product.

In case you can't see it too well in the picture, there are 3 little girls and each have their names on them.  Bailey is in the middle and Ellie on the left, Elissa on the right.  I LOVE it!!!!  Bailey already has a big sister shirt that she has been wearing for months now that Amy got her, and she loves to wear that one.  But we will save this one for the big day, whenever that might be!!!!

In case you want to check her out, I got this made by a lady who is the mother in law of a guy I graduated high school with in Alabama.  He and his wife have 2 boys and adopted a baby girl a little over a year ago.  The guy's wife's mother started doing stuff for their little girl and it just grew from there.  She also made Bailey's guitar shirt and shorts outfit.  They call her Gram so her shop is called "Look What Gram Made".  I could get her to make just about one of everything she shows, she comes up with some great ideas.  Here's her facebook page.  And she also has a blog, but I'm not really sure what she has on there.  I've not looked at it too much. But you can see that blog here.  She ships if you see something you like!

In baby news, there isn't much to tell since we went to the doctor last week.  My hip and pelvic bones are really really sore. I  feel like I've been a car accident and I need to work the soreness out.  haha!  The biggest thing on my mind right now is starting back work in about a week and a half.  I really don't know how that's going to work.  But I have two doctor's appointments between now and then and if continues to say go for it, I'm going.  We'll see what happens after that.  I have had some bad heartburn the past few days, which still isn't really anything to complain about, but I've also been a little nauseated.  I've read that sometimes that can happen in the 3rd trimester.  I hope that's not what it is, but it sure has felt like it the past few days. 

Other than that, it's been quite around this household and I like it that way. 

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