Saturday, July 9, 2011

Girlie Stuff - Like Pink, Princess, & Clothes

Some of these pictures were taken with my iphone and they don't send to the blog very well.  I may have to find an app to help with that.  So I posted last week about Bailey's  new room and I must say she loves it.  She loves it so much, it makes me feel bad that she didn't already have her own room.  I mean, she had a room, but not one she slept in, so unless we were getting clothes or getting toys, we never just hung out in there.  The other night after Sid got home, he and I were just sitting around talking about finally I noticed that Bailey had been gone for about a 15 minutes.  We snuck in her room, and this is what we saw:

She was just up in  her bed, watching a movie on her ipod.  Just hanging out, having some "me" time.  And we love that!  So far, since Sunday night, Sid has slept every night in that room.  Bailey has slept 2 nights with him.  And she and I have taken a nap in there every day.  With a little bit of luck, she'll learn to sleep in there alone.

Now, before we move on to the next pictures, you  must be reminded that I never thought I'd have all these babies.  And since I'm growing 2 at one time right now, I have a lot of time on my hands.  I follow a store on facebook that is located in South Carolina, but she has the best prices on smocked and boutique brands that I can find. She beats a local store we have here, which usually has pretty good prices, and she even beats used on ebay many times.  Lately, she has been posting the clearance stuff from summer and I have taken advantage.  I got all of what you see below for $163, including shipping, and there are 10 outfits.  So, what did I get???

I had originally ordered pink smocked bubbles with the intentions of them being a "come home" outfit, but they were huge despite the fact that they were newborn size.  I was afraid that they would be too big, and the warm weather would be gone before Elissa and Ellie grew into them.  So, when these sweet day gowns were posted for $14 bucks each, I could not pass them up.  I believe these will be the "come home" outfits if I can just find some booties or socks.

Here's a close up of the design!.  Too sweet!

And again, these little dresses that they can wear if we make it to church while the weather is still warm, or if not, just to look cute in.  For $14 dollars each, I couldn't pass them up and figure they will resale nicely. 

Now, before I show the rest of the stuff, I just want to say that I do not intend to dress Elissa and Ellie, or Bailey for that matter, alike 100% of the time.  But these outfits were too cute and at too good of a price to not just get them.  These little outfits are so cute!  They tie at the top and the smocking is a palm tree laundry line with bathing suits.  I got them in sizes for next summer.  Bailey's a dress and E and E's are long bubbles.  Too cute!!!  I can just see them wearing these at the beach/fair next summer.
 Here's a close up of the bubble.  I had never seen a long-all type bubble.  These were different and I think that's why I like them so much.

And finally, for now, the last 3 outfits I bought with the intentions that they will be next year's Easter outfits.  I was pretty proud of myself that the total for all 3 outfits was $64, shipping including.  I couldn't buy one of these outfits that at a boutique for regular prices.  Elissa and Ellie's are bubbles, with blue, pink and pearl smocking.
Bailey's out fit is a bishop top with capri pants, but has the same design.

I have a few more outfits coming, one of which is a sister set.  And I think that will pretty much do it.  The sister set that is coming is one that can be monogrammed.  If you don't already follow sweetbabytutu on facebook, do so. I follow several facebook "auction" type stores that sell smock/boutique brands and hands-down, Allison at sweet baby tutu has the best prices.  She is pretty awesome at with customer service, too!!

Finally, we have a small iphone picture again.  But I have to say that right now, we love all things boy.  I mean, Bailey likes to play with her babies, but she is all about horses, cows, bulls, Swamp People, 4-wheelers, tractors, Cars, Toy Story, etc.  Right now, I can get away with all that stuff by letting her sleep in shirts with all that on it.  I hope that I never have to give in and let her dress that way for public.  Her pappaw does get her some girly tractor shirts from time to time,and I can do those.  I know I've posted before about her love of music/the guitar.  So I was sorely disappointed when I saw a small toy pink guitar at a re-sale shop but wasn't quick enough to purchase it.  Sid and I stopped by Toy-R-Us last week when we went to the doctor. I was thinking I could find a new one for around $20.  The used one was $9.  But, no such luck.  $40 or better for a new one. So we've all had our eyes peeled for a pink guitar since then.  And a lady Nene works with found this one at a yard sale for no less than $3.  Can you believe that?  Sid brought it home yesterday and she has thoroughly enjoyed it!!!

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