Monday, July 4, 2011

July 4th

Well, despite the fireworks going off outside the house somewhere, we have had a very low key July 4th.  I didn't have a good night last night and was up and down most of the night.  Mom and Dad were here bright and early but didn't stay long because even though we rested today, they had a full day ahead of them.

Mom and Dad drove back to Oneonta, stopped at 3 different places to unload the furniture they took from the house (it was going different places) and then had to drive back to Birmingham to drop the van off and, once again back to Oneonta.  I feel so bad that they didn't get to rest today like we did. 

I will have to say their work has more then paid off.  Bailey took a nap in her big girl bed again today.  And a few minutes ago, she was tucked in nice and tight ready for bed.

Doesn't she look like she was ready to sac out for the night???? Well, as we currently speak, she is in the bed with me, but her daddy is in her bed, where I slept last night.  We both agreed we like her room and bed much better than our own right now.  haha!!

It started raining here during nap time, so when we woke up, we decided to go see Cars 2.  For some reason, Bailey has become obsessed with what she calls the race cars and watches them on her ipod.  Here she is on the way to the movie. She was so excited, she didn't understand why we had to stop and eat first.

Here she is at the movie ready for it to start.  It was sort of long for her and the "race" which is the part she likes, was sort of brutal, which I thought was above her head.  The entire story line was above her head.  But enjoyed the outing and she was excited.  Of course, we cheated and brought in our own candy and drink.  Who wants to pay $5 for a box of sweet tarts, when you can buy the same "movie" candy at Wal Greens for $1.30.

Happy 4th of July everybody!!

Much love, Barbie

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