Thursday, July 21, 2011

Emergency Doctor's Visit

This was the first unplanned doctor's visit (other than the time I threw up blood way earlier in the pregnancy) and I hope it is the last before it's d-day. 

Without getting too graphic here on the world wide web, I will just say that I had stabbing like pains in a place that shouldn't have been hurting.  The only way I know  to explain it would be to say it felt like something, maybe a baby, was trying to to crawl it's way out of my belly.  But it wasn't my belly that was hurting.  See, that's enough info isn't it???

It started yesterday about 3 and happened two or three times before I feel asleep.  No sign of my water breaking, no bleeding, no cramping or otherwise contraction like feelings.  But about 4 this morning, I woke up throwing up.  That scared me. 

After Sid and Bailey left this morning, I went back to sleep sitting in the rocking chair and slept until it was 8:30, when the doctor's office opened.  I didn't feel those "pains" anymore, but I was sort of achy/sore from waist down into my legs.  I came and stretched out across the bed, and just kept thinking, what to do, what to do?  Eventually, I got up enough nerve to call the nurse.

She freaked me out.  Saying what I was feeling was not normal, I shouldn't wait to call when I feel like that, especially with how far away I am, and just come in.  I called Sid and we had to arrange what we would do with Bailey.  That upset me even further because I kept thinking, what if this is it?  She's getting left behind.  Just a heap of hormonal mess. 

But soon we were on our way to Jackson.  I know this is going to sound so weird but I was sort of glad we had to make the trip because it's been a while since Sid and I have had some alone time and  I really really just enjoyed having some decent conversation with my husband.  I couldn't even tell you what we talked about now, but it was uninterrupted adult conversation and I enjoyed the ride. 

We say the doctor and he couldn't tell that there had been any more dilation.  He said I had a +1 Keytone in my urine, so drink more fluid, but not really sure that that means. And basically he just felt like a baby or two might have moved into such a position that I was sensitive to the movement vs. the body parts it was moving against.  We went on a for an ultrasound, and she checked my cervix with the sono thingy.  My cervix looks good and the babies had good heart beats, were breathing on their own, and moving.  Soooo, we just walked away with the knowledge of we are no where near going into labor physically wise.  The babies are good and my body is good.  Just alot going on there, and so pain or no pain, vomit or no vomit, it's normal!!!

I'm really glad to have gone and gotten that over with.  I've heard/read that the pain could be an irritable uterus/uterine spasms, but no mention of my uterus was made today.  Now, all of this being said, something could still happen to cause the babies to arrive earlier than need be.  One could go into distress, but there has been no indication that that will happen, or my blood pressure could sky rocket.  I don't see that happening, it was 110/74 today.  PERFECT!!!!!  But as far as my body getting ready to give up some babies, we aren't there yet!!!!!

It's really way too early for these babies to come, so I am sooo thankful.  I hope that we have 42 days or more left to go.  But we'll see.  We just need Elissa and Ellie to be able to breathe as well as they can on their own before they grace us with their presence. 

Thanks, Sid, for just stopping what you were doing and getting me to Jackson.  And thank you Pappaw Jerry for taking care of our sweet Bailey.  Hopefully the next time we go unexpectedly, it will be a while down the road and we'll have 2 new sweet girls to show for it. 

On a different note, I got confirmation today that Bailey's "big sister" shirt was ready and being shipped. I can't wait to see it and share it with ya'll.

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Courtney said...

So glad it was just a scare and not the real thing. Take it easy!