Sunday, August 24, 2008

Guess What???

I haven't had caffiene in two days. Can you believe it? Sid actually asked me yesterday if I was drinking any Dr. Pepper's these days. The answer is I'm not, all I've really had lately is a coke here and there. But even after being sick this last week, that want went away. Of course, I'm not drinking milk so mostly I'm drinking fruit juices and Sprite. I have learned to down some Sprite, which is still not real healthy due to the sugar in it I don't guess, but at least I don't have that DP IV hooked up anymore either.

It seems that Fay is making her way across Mississippi this weekend and on into tomorrow. Sid was thankful he didn't have to work this afternoon, he got drenched yesterday, and will probably get drenched tomorrow. But we've had lots of good rain fall, enough so that the ground is saturated and the pressure with the system has not been good for the head. But we are surviving. And enjoying the rainy Sunday. It's been an afternoon for Life Time movies for me and random TV for Sid since the race was on last night. I'm sure it will be an early bed night.

The baby moved around alot at church this morning. I think she likes the organ music because when it's playing is when she usually moves around the most during that hour. Hopefully that's a good sign.

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