Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Hump Day

And what a day it is. Not much to report. It's been a busy week. Monday was sort of bitter sweet for me, as all the teachers here went back to school. I am oh so thankful for my new job in such a wonderful place, but to know that the past 10 years of my career was finally laid to rest was emotinal. Well, that and I'm 4 1/2 months pregnant and EVERYTHING seems to be emotional to me at this piont. But I did sort of realize last night that it does feel strange to be out of the educational areana for awhile. On a new note, things at the church are really picking up. The biter quit bitting, the juice finally arrived, the new kids started, Open House is tomorrow night, the bus terminal at Neshoba Elementary FINALLY decided to stop a bus here for my after-school program (although the bus driver will have to turn accross traffic to get here...this is Mississippi for ya!), I found another pre-k teacher for the one that quit Monday....ah, the joys of being a daycare director! All in all, I couldn't ask for a better place to be working.

The nausea has let up some, although I did find myself in the bathroom throwing up this morning. I have some major headaches going on and I think that might be what's up with the nausea here lately too! Now I'm just really tired from the nausea medicine I took this morning.

My Birthday was Saturday, and it came and went without too much excitement. Saturday was the last day I was nauseated all day long so we stayed at home. I don't know why I wanted this, because I don't get much joy out of brushing my teeth lately since the gag reflexes are extra sensitive, but I had asked for an electric toothbrush and that's what Sid got me. Funny what you want when you are growing old. No really, I couldn't ask for more at this point in my life. God has richly blessed us both and for that we are forever thankful. The only thing I'd want more of is time with my family in Alabama. Maggie is growing up and you know Erin is getting to be a big girl when she can leave you a message on the cell phone that says "Hey Aunt Bah, I just wanted to talk to you about something so call me back." That brought on the tears out of no where when I heard that.

Which brings me to my next thought... This pregnancy is so by the book. I mean, everytime I feel different or wonder about something, I read the book and there it is, telling me that what I am expreiencing is perfectly normal. The other day I was reading the book and it said we should be scared or might be feeling scared as a couple at this piont. I haven't been scared so I asked Sid if he was and he siad no, not that he thought of. Then he said, Well I mean, I'm worried about the bills. Ha! So even that was right. I know what he's worried about though. I only get two or three ultrasounds paid for by my insurance. The rest of them have to be paid out of pocket. And I've already had three. We have at least two more to go.

Speaking of ultrasounds, our next appointment is next week on August 12. We should be able to find out what this baby that is moving all around causing me to throw up all the time is. At least that's my plan anyway!

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