Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I Got To Post

The next few days so that I don't continue to blog less and less each month. I'll have to blog each day for the rest of the month for that not to happen. haha!

I wanted to share my cousin Robyn's blog to show off her sweet little boy, Cade Robert. He was baptized this past weekend in Alabama where they live. I'm showing off these pics for several different reasons: #1-I LOVE the banner that she says her church does for the baby #2-That's my pap-paw officiating the ceremony. He'll have another one to do around May, we like to keep him busy with his great grans. #3-Robyn's sister Kelley, my other cousin, made the cake that there is a pic of. I think it's just beautiful. Kelley went to culinary school after graduating from Auburn and has worked for Southern Living and for her grandmother who owns a German Bake Shop on Hwy 280. She always does a fab job with whatever she is doing, not to mention she has three little ones heself. Anyway, enjoy the pics! http://forresterfam.blogspot.com/

We've continued to have rain here in Philly for several days now. And I just read where Hurricane Gustav is now a Hurricane. Let's hope it doesn't head for Orange Beach and there aren't anymore deaths associated with these horrible storms. But Thank God for the rain!

The nausea is off and on. I was nauseated much of Sunday but never actually threw up and then yesterday morning I was up at 4 a.m. throwing up. So far today, I'm good, I just feel like there's a bowling ball in my tummy!

Well the cookie dough fundraiser starts tomorrow so I've got to try and figure out my head from a whole in the ground-which way is up-so I can get this thing kicked off. Wish me luck. They tell me the daycare usually makes about $3000 off the fundraiser and it is much needed.

Oh and by the way, for those of you who know me well, check out some of these baby beds.....http://www.ababy.com/subcategory.asp?CategoryID=8 But you can't guess which one is my favorite. Not that we'd EVER spend this much money on a bed to use for 2 or less years, but there are one or two inparticular that fit right in with my antique-kind of style.

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