Thursday, August 14, 2008

So Far So Good

So my doctor changed up my nausea medication when I saw him on Tuesday and I'm taking something all the time rather I feel like I need it or not. And so far so good. Plus I've let the milk thing in the morning go and Sid's been fixing me cinnamon rolls (because he's sweet like that). So this week I've felt better than normal. I'm not even having problem's brushing my teeth.

My friend Tiphanie reminded me a few weeks ago that I called "frogs" for a nursery theme a long time ago. And so far, I guess they have been saving the frogs for me. But now that she'll be a little girl I don't think frogs quite fit the bill. So know we are back to the drawing board with a nursery theme.

We are also back to the drawing board for a name. We pikced out Sidney when we first found out we were pregnant. But the more we kick that around, the more we don't like it. I think that she'll be called Sid as a nickname and niether of us want that. So then we talked about Marley. And then I found out my pap-paw's dad's name was Bailey. So we like that too. We just don't know. It's hard when you work with little kids with all the time to pick out names that don't remind of you of all of them.

Any ideas for names or nursery themes?

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