Thursday, August 21, 2008

Rough Day On The Home Front

So today I had to go to Decater, which is about 45 minutes from Philly to take a Serv Safe class. It's for people who work in the resturant/food industry. Apparently since we serve food to a group someone at our facility has to be certified in it. I keep saying that if our cook called in, my kids would have to eat McDonald's because I don't know the first thing about working in that kitchen with a stove that big or cooking for 70+ children. Luckily she's pretty dependable. I could have sent her, but if she decides to quit someone else would have to have the certification and it isn't cheap. I'd normally welcome a day out of the center and away from screaming kids, but not today. And why? Because I got up throwing up and it never let up. I had to sit that all day class nauseated and throwing up about every 3 hours. At one point I was sitting there with throw up on my shirt. GROSS!!!! But here's my question...does it ever end??? I did so good for about the past 2 weeks and have felt better than ever. And all of the sudden here it is again. This baby girl better love her Mama when she gets here, because she sure is reaking havic at this point.

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