Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Oh The Joys!!!

So last Sunday my right upper thigh started feeling a little tingly to the touch and I thought maybe some type of bump was popping up. On Monday, I told Sid it felt like I might have a rash there. On Tuesday it was very very painful and I got Sid to look at it, because of course I can't see that part of my leg, and he said it was sort of blistery looking it. We put some stuff on it (for diaper rash none the less) and a band-aide and I went on about my business. Through out last night, it woke me up several times and so this morning I decided to get a mirror and investigate. I was horrified with what I saw. The spot is about the size of a quarter and has about 20 little blistery heads on it, and it is VERY painful.

Now let me back-up, at the daycare, we've had one child with MRSA and a worker with staff all in the past two weeks. So I paniced. And went to my regualar doc here in Philly. She wouldn't see me because she said she wouldn't know what to do for it. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? So I leave out headed to Meridian even though my OB's office wasn't yet answering the phone, I knew they take walk-ins til 10:00. On the way, at 9:00, I called and they FINALLY answered the phone. I asked if they were taking walk-ins and this is how the conversation played out: "What's wrong Mrs. Whitehead? OH I think I might have a staff infection. I have a place on my leg that is very painful and I've been exposed to staff. Ok, hold on, let me get the nurse. Holding..... Hello! This is Ben (the gay office manager). You think you have staff? We don't know what to do for you because you can't come in the office with staff. You will be putting other's at risk. (In my head I'm thinking "No sh**!!) But as calmly as I can I say "Well what do you want me to do if the regular doc won't see me and you don't want me in your office? And Ben says "I'm going to get the doc to call you right back. Are you at work? No I'm on the way to your office since you take walk-ins. Well we do, we just can't have you putting everyone else at risk. Ok, thank you! Good-Bye!

A few minutes later, the phone rings and it's the nurse. Our conversation goes like this: "Mrs. Whitehead, can you explain to me what your spot looks like. We're pretty sure it's staff because we know it's in the schools. Well, it looks like..blah blah blah. Ok, this is what I'm going to do, you call me back when you get here and I'll come out to your car and culture it. Well, I have to pull my pants down to show you where it is. Oh, ok, I see. Well, just call me and we'll bring you in through the back door. Ok, thank you, I'll see you in a minute.

So about 20 minutes later I get there and sure enough they bring me in the back door and she swabed the heck out of that place. I thought I was going to pass out it hurt so bad. I broke out into a sweat and my ears started ringing it hurt that bad. But she's pretty sure it's staff, although she did culture it for other stuff, too. I asked what the implications of this was for the baby and she didn't act like it was that big deal, but I'm a worrier and I think it is a big deal.

In the meantime, Sid said the next time he goes with me he's gonna give them a piece of his mind since they didn't even want me in the office. But I told him no, it really worked out better since I got to go in the back door and was seen right away and then they got me out of there. And I was half-way glad they reacted that way since I reacted that way over the child and worker with staff at the daycare. It made me feel better about my reactions.

Sylvia, the nurse who is a God-send and has helped me with all the nausea and migranes, said she'd call me Friday and we'd go from there. But that I'd have to go on antibiotics and that wouldn't hurt the baby. I'm gonna do some reading on this topic before I give in and take them, though!!!

Keep me in your prayers.

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