Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I'm having dreams (or nightmares rather) that Bailey comes early and NOTHING is ready. Sid and I have to start working on her room. I want everything finished by 34 weeks which gives us about 10 weeks to get it all done. The last 4 weeks will be filled with wedding and Christmas and we'll be on the road alot. So we've got to pretend she'll be here by Thanksgiving. And when you look at it that way, there really isn't much time left at all. I get tickled at her daddy because he says she'll have to sleep in my night stand drawer. Which would probably work for the first 2 weeks or so and then she'll out grow it. If her daddy doesn't stop snoring so loud all night long, Bailey and I will be sleeping somewhere else in the house.

On that same note, I spent most of the night last night in the recliner rocking myself, halfway awake. I had a Pilot Club meeting last night and it lasted forever so when I got home I was ready to get in the bed and watch Jon and Kate Plus 8. Well, Sid was in the bed with a migraine and wouldn't let me turn the TV on. So I had to watch TV in the den which means I couldn't wind down to go to sleep. So when I finally did go get in the bed, I couldn't go to sleep. So I ended up wide awake half the night in the recliner. I've been worried about laying on my stomach, which is the ONLY way I know how to sleep. But up until last night, Bailey didn't mind. She let me know right quick I was laying on her, and to get off!!!! Which also contributed to the no sleep.

I'm hoping for a better night tonight!!

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