Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Random Stuff

I should take a pic and post of Bailey's room now! Sid and his mom and dad moved the big furniture from her room that we aren't using to the storage building last night. So, only about 2 more boxes to go and it'll be all cleaned out and ready for the big purchase of a baby bed. That purchase is gonna be a hard one because it's so hard to make a decision. I'm pretty sure that her bed will come from Target but then again it could from Babies R Us!. We have three pieces of random furniture already that I'm going to try to use, but they are all three different colors and so that makes it hard because the bed will make a fourth color. We have a light colored chest of drawers that came from one of Maggie's old bedroom suits, a bookshelf that Sid's mom found on sale at Wal-Mart a few months back that is a dark wood color and then an antique piece of furniture that can be used as the changing table/storage but it's a totally different "dark" color. So I don't know what we will end up doing. One good thing is that we can choose a bed that will make into a toddler bed and then eventually into a big bed, so I want to pick out something that we can all tolerate for quite some time.

I forgot to mention this in an earlier post, but Sid and I are headed to Cursillo. That is Mississippi's version of The Emmaus Walk. We leave on October 9th and will get home on October 12th. It's at a place called Camp Wesley Pines down below Jackson. That's our one year anniversary weekend and we had planned to go somewhere but God had other plans. I then started worrying about not being able to sleep or being sick, but I figured that was the devil trying to get me. So I didn't back out. Although they allow men and women to go on the same walk, we will not be "together". Not even in sleeping quarters. So that will be different for me than the Emmaus Walk, having men on site. Some of the couples from our church will be on staff so that will be neat. And then we can get involved in the local Cursillo Community here in Philadelphia. Please keep us both in your prayers as we embark on this journey. Having been on the Emmaus Walk, I know what I'm in store for, but I am such a different person now than I was 6 years ago. Six years ago, I had just gotten divorced and was freshly living on my own. Life is defiantly a new journey now and God's grace is for sure at the center of it.

Speaking of which, unpacking all that stuff from my house in Bama was a little bitter-sweet this past weekend. I came accross old pictures and "stuff" from what feels like a past life. But it also felt good to purge the old and keep what mattered!

Just this week I got reconnected with a long lost friend. Cammie. We went to preschool and elementary and high school and eventually on to Auburn together. We lived together our last year at Auburn. She is married and lives in Chelsea with her husband and two little girls. But it has been nice catching up with her this week.

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