Sunday, September 14, 2008


Sid and I learned some new language this weekend. Leslie, my sister in law, who is right at 4 months pregnant, woke up Saturday morning with either some major morning sickness that lasted all day long or a virus. So Erin came to Mom and Dad's for the day and eventually the night. Mom and I got to take her to her "tea party" at a friends house since Les was sick and then Erin and I took a nap together. While we were watching TV pre-nap, she saw some toys that she wanted and so I told her we could go to Wal-Mart when we got up from nap. Mom and Dad had to go to a wedding so Sid and I took her to Wal-Mart and then supper. Apparently the trip to Wal-Mart was just so her Uncle Sid could buy her a new toy, which she and I secretly planned at nap time. hehe! Anyway, she got three things at Wal-Mart and so when we came out she started singing "We Wish You a Merry Christmas". I thought this was hilarious. Sid did not.

But before we left to go to Wal-Mart, Dad came downstairs dressed in his suit and tie ready for the wedding. And Erin looks at him and said, "Poppy T, you look tight." Sid and I looked at each other and then we looked at dad, who was checking to see if his clothes were too tight. I asked her to repeat it and again, he looked tight. Finally, Sid says he thinks this is a new word for "looking good". So yes, Poppy T looked tight and we all learned a new word.

After Wal-Mart and supper, we went to her house and she played dress-up with the new dress-up clothes she had choosen at Wal-Mart. Finally we left to go home and wait on Mom and Dad to get back. In the meantime, I think to myself that I shouldn't have carried her home, I should have just let her come back to Mom and Dad's and spend the night. So I called Chris and he said all was well. But later I called back and we ended up going back to get her. While waiting on her to give her Mom a zillion good night kisses, Chris tells us that she's been a bit worked up and was screaming and yelling loudly. So once we got in the car, I asked her if she got in trouble for being loud. And this is the response I got: "Yes, but it's a good thing they didn't spank me because my dad said if I yelled one more time, I was gonna get the whipping of my lifetime." The child is too funny and there is no other way to put it. She looked at me one time and pointed her fingers to her eyes and then at me while saying, "I got my eyes on you!". Where does she get it from? Oh, wait, she does belong to Chris Self.

At church this morning, she recited the ENTIRE Lord's Prayer, word for word without skipping a beat. The ladies in front of us turned around to compliment her and Leslie said she got a card in the mail a few weeks back from a lady in early church complimenting that. I think it's wonderful that at 4 years old she can sit through a church service AND participate. I hope I'm that good with Bailey. More parents need to be disciplined enough to take their kids to church and teach them to sit there and pay attention. It's amazing what they'll pick up on at such an early age. Erin loves Sunday School and church.

Sid and I made it home and are getting settled for bed. We had an awesome weekend, as always. Sid got to do some "hunting" stuff with Chris and I got to spend tons of time with Erin since Les was sick. I do hate it she felt so bad though. I know it's rough. Anyway, until next time...stay tight!!!!

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