Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Labor Day Everyone!!!

Well, it seems that the coast, as it's called around here (which is really just the beach) is getting pounded by our not-so-nice friend Gustav. But he's staying away from Philadelphia for now. On radar, it looks like we are just barely missing some rain and heavy winds. What we are getting instead is just some wind with a few wind gusts and no rain as of yet. I haven't had the TV on in a while, so I don't know how New Orleans and the levies are holding up since lunch, but it looked as if it might all turn out waaaayy better than it did three years ago.

Sid's working today so I'm at home alone. Baby Bailey isn't going to know what to do when we have to go back to work tomorrow and actually have to move around a little. We've done nothing this weekend, I mean a flat out nothing, which drives Sid absolutly crazy. But I enjoy it. I needed this break, and for the most part I've felt ok. It's been nice just to be lazy. And enjoy being at home with nothing to do. He has put in a request for supper so I guess I'll make him dinner later, but other than that I'm just getting ready for the "Jon and Kate Plus Eight" marathon and new episode that's about to start. For those of you who don't know, it comes on TLC and is about Jon and Kate who have eight children. Two of them are twins, the other 6 were all birthed at the SAME TIME. Yes, that's what I said, Kate had 6 babies at one time. So now they have their own little show on TLC about their lives, which is really quite comical, among other things. I just watch it and think to myself "Man, I don't see how they do it, I don't see how they do many, many things, but 8 kids is ALOT".

Most of you who know me know that I am far from a political person on a large scale. But I've been browsing around the blog world this weekend reading what parents of special needs children have to say about Sarah Palin and her role in this election with a 4 month old with Down's Sydrome. Apparently, Obama supports more fuding of IDEA, the federal regulation of special education, but who knew that? Certainly not me since I refuse to entertain the thought of man who won't even salute the flag as being the next president. But for the most part, she has been recieved quite well among these bloggers as the parents feel she will have a heart for special needs children and their education. I don't believe a word any of them say, BUT, it was just announced that her 17 year-old daughter is 5 months pregnant. HMMM! Wonder what people will make of that?

Anywhoo, I hope everyone is having a HAPPY LABOR DAY despite Gustav!!

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