Monday, September 29, 2008

Everything's Coming Up Bailey



So about a year ago, Sid and I were at the Covered Bridge Festival, right after the wedding, with his mom. The intent of that trip was to move my stuff to Mississippi. But we diverted that day and ended up at the Covered Bridge Festival. One of the antique shops were having a sale and we got this piece of furniture for a mere 30 bucks. Now, anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE LOVE LOVE antiques, rather they are in good condition and ready to be used or in need of a little TLC. I wish I had taken a before pic so you could see what TLC this piece of furniture was in need of. Anyway, we didn't have room on that trip to get it back to Mississippi, sooo, this past weekend, we FINALLY got it out of my brother's basement (I'm sure he wanted to charge me storage rent) and brought it home. After Sid spent a whole day working on it, this is what our $30 has turned into. I'm so proud of Sid. I couldn't smell the stuff he used to work on it, so he did this all by himself. Bailey will be so proud of her daddy. We are using this for her changing table and then eventually it will be her dresser. I LOVE it. Thank you Sid!!!

Now, the grandmom's have been buying sweet little things for Bailey and so have I. Sid picks out sweet stuff for her too, and it makes me happy he gets into it since she isn't a boy. I was worried about that. Not that I don't think any of the things that my mom or Sid's mom have gotten us so far are not just perfect, but there was just something about this little outfit. Bailey's Pap-paw Whitehead (Sid's dad) works at a place here called Windham Tractor. They sell Kubota and Holland Tractor's. They may sell other stuff, but they DO NOT sell John Deer Green Stuff, I know that much! He works on them and owns them and uses them on a daily basis. Sid's brother's little boy is obsessed with his Pap-paw's tractors. Tractors are just something they know about over here. So anyway, yesterday on the way back from Alabama, Sid and I stopped by to see his mom and dad and his mom was showing me stuff she got Bailey. And Sid's dad walked in and handed me this little onesie. I think it is just the perfect little tractor thing for a little girl and I almost cried when he gave it to me. I guess because he told me he had to order it. He actually took the time to find something fitting for a little girl and took the time to order it especially for her. So now she has her first tractor outfit, I'm sure it won't be the last, and her first thing from her Pap-paw. I can't wait til she's 6 months old and can wear it. Thanks Pap-paw!!!

Sid and I went to Alabama this past weekend to see my mom who just had surgery and see my dad, whose B'day is next weekend, since we won't see him on his b'day. Mom is doing GREAT and I'm so proud of her and her determination to get what she wants. We stopped and picked up Maggie in Tuscaloosa on our way in. We had a pretty slow weekend. Sid and Mom and Dad got up and went to breakfast, which is Sid's fav in Bama. I got up sick for some reason. Mom and I watched movies and napped all day until football started. Then it was football on every TV in the house. But we had a great time. Sunday, we stopped off in Trussville at Target and some other places to try and find bedding for Bailey's room. We had no such luck. I looked up some stuff online but wanted to actually see what I was getting before I bought it. Well, they don't keep all that stuff in stock because they didn't have anything I had seen online at any store we stopped at. But we'll have to make that decesion soon and get her bed ordered. Remember, I want her room finished within the next 8 weeks.

I go back to the doctor next Tuesday, a week from today. Bailey's been moving around alot still and for the most part I've felt ok except for the occassional throw-up. But just today my lower back has started hurting down into my legs. I'm assuming that is all part of normal growing pains. I read some stuff in my baby book last night and now know why there is so much pressure above my belly button. I didn't realize my uterus was that big already. But it is!!!

I wanted to make it back to Alabama this afternoon for visitation for a friend's mother who passed away over the weekend. After being gone all weekend I just wasn't up to the drive. But my thoughts and prayers are with the family at the loss of their mother and loved one. She was only in her 50's and had was diagnosed with Caner less than a year ago. I'm sorry for thier loss and I hope my friend knows my thoughts are with her.
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Val said...

I was in Trussville Sunday!! I didn't go to Target but I would have! Love the Kubota, looks like our tractor!(actually Chad's dad's tractor...we don't own anything*grin*)