Tuesday, January 13, 2009

5 Days

To go until Bailey's due date. I can't imagine what life was like before December 22, 2008. I sure can't imagine waiting 5 whole more days for her to get here. The little rascal is growing like a weed, eating all the time, acting like Sid and I never feed her.

I finally drove my truck for the first time since Dec. 19th yesterday, without Bailey in it. I went to a meeting at work last night. Then today Bailey and I went to meet Sid for lunch and went to Wal-Mart. It was the first time I had been to Wal-Mart in well over a month. I also got my hair done, which it needed VERY badly and then stopped by work for a little bit. Sid's mom came to watch Bailey for the hair appt. trip. I didn't figure she needed to smell the fumes. Well, actually, the selfish me that doesn't want to let her out of my sight would have taken her, Sid is the one who said she didn't need to smell the fumes. I'm sure Ne Ne enjoyed it anyway.

Bailey is supposed to go to the eye doctor tomorrow but I'm thinking of canceling the appointment. When I was taking my shower tonight something told me that the eye appointment tomorrow might not be a good idea. Sid can't go with us and it's going to be like 30 degrees here, or colder, tomorrow. So I just figured I might reschedule. Then tonight while on the phone with a lady here from my church who had two kids in the NICU, one of which did develop pulmonary hypertension and was flown to New Orleans, we got to talking about the eye doctor with infants. She asked who I was using and I told her they made an appointment from the NICU for us with this doctor and she said "DON'T SEE HIM!!!" His is horrible with infants. She said basically they have to hold the baby down to look into their eyes and they have to hold them while doing it and the baby will scream and scream and this doctor just doesn't have any tolerance for it. Soooo, we might be postponing this doctor's visit until a later date.

I want to clarify... I never said I'd actually have time to update this blog once Bailey got here. But my intentions are good. I have some pictures to post and hopefully will get that done tomorrow or Thursday.

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