Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Bailey's First Doctor's Visit

Techinically this wasn't her first doctor's visit since she was visited quite often in the NICU by Dr. Blubaugh and Dr. Boyd (and all their wonderful nurse practicioners). Anywhoo, we saw Dr. Maranto today, who will be Bailey's peditrician. She got a very good report. Our little 6 pound bundle of joy has gained 7 ounces since birth, weighing in at 6 pounds 7 ounces today. She has grown a half inch since birth, from 18 1/2 inces to 19 inches long. So she is eating good. Her eyes, ears, nose, lungs, etc., all were clear and she got a clean bill of health. Dr. Maranto was not near as concerned about RSV as Drs. Blubaugh and Boyd were. But we will still be extra careful with her for the time being because if she does get RSV, she will most likely have to be put back on the vent to help her "recover" from it. A side note on that, we had a confirmed case of RSV at the daycare today, in the baby room no less. So I don't just don't know what my heart and head will let me do about that situation. (We still do not want her around children that have been at daycare or school for at least another 6 weeks. Technically she still shouldn't even be here yet.) I believe he said she should return in 2 months if there were no problems in between times. We see the eye doctor next Wednesday.

She had her first taste of formula today and she looked at me like, woman what the heck is this. Then she gulped it down, in her own dramatic way, gulping like we never feed her. It's quite a noise to hear, and of course the hic-ups that follow are just as dramatic. We were gone from about 12 until about 7:30 tonight and I just didn't know how we'd keep the breat milk cold and then heat it up when time to eat. So we took the ready-to-use formula that the hospital gave us and she did ok with it. She is about to have her first bottle of breat milk since the formula and we'll see how she does. For those of you wondering, I am still just pumping and giving it to her in a bottle. We both seem to like it better that way.

She rides really well so we are planning trips to Jackson to see Sid's grandparents and to Oneonta to see my pap-paw. Hopefully we'll be in those places sooner than later.

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The Forrester Fam said...

I hope that we get to meet her soon!